A DeLorean Car Converted Into An Electric Vehicle By Students

A DeLorean Vehicle Converted Into An Electric Vehicle  By Queens University Students

On 6th June 2013 a project was launched at Queens University in Belfast, enabling 10 students to convert a DeLorean into an electric vehicle! The project will focus on integrating new ‘smart technologies’ into todays electricity network, making sure it responds to renewable energy requirements.

Northern Ireland Electricity is sponsoring the conversion project, although the car will be owned by Queens University in Belfast. The project will allow students to gain essential knowledge in electrical engineering and provide opportunities to secure jobs in the fast growing power engineering sector. Queens University lecturer and researcher Dr David Laverty said that it will help to ‘educate and inspire the next generation of engineers to think differently about sustainable energy.’

A DeLorean Car Converted Into An Electric Vehicle

A DeLorean car featured in the film series ‘Back to the Future’, and the cars were all built in Belfast. A large number of the original cars are still on the road after over 30 years; most estimates put it at 6,500 cars surviving out of just over 9,000 built. There is an active enthusiast community around the cars, with strong owners’ clubs.

A number of businesses were set up after the demise of DMC to provide parts and service, and most of those are still in existence. In particular, DMC (based in Humble, Texas), operates under entirely new ownership and with no direct ties to the original DeLorean Motor Company.

In August 2007, it emerged that due to demand for the DeLorean DMC-12, DMCH would start selling refurbished cars. Busi-nessman Stephen Wynne has purchased all the remaining parts for the car and builds them in Houston. Currently, a DeLorean can be assembled from the ground up using a combination of new, original and reproduc-tion parts for US$57,500 and still carry a 1980s title, while unrestored but good condi-tion vehicles run from about US$25,000 up-wards.

In October, 2011, the DeLorean Motor Company of Humble, Texas, announced intentions to sell custom-made electric DeLoreans by 2013. However this is the first time a DeLorean will be converted in the UK. The project is expected to be completed in 2015 and should ‘take us to the future’!

Source: Batterie European Project financed by the Atlantic Area Transnational Programme

The Pure Energy Centre is participating into the Batterie project which aims at improving the cooperation and links between various transport services within the Atlantic Area region and to promote the application of smart technologies and usage of alternative fuels. A DeLorean car converted into an electric vehicle fits within the remit of the Batterie Atlantic Area financed project.

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