This is what the Pure Energy Centre stands for:

One stop shop for your renewable project

Complete renewable projects designed to meet your specific requirements (wind, solar, biomass, biogas).

One stop shop for your hydrogen project

World leading experience and skills to design, supply and commission complete hydrogen systems.

One stop shop for your nitrogen project

We support oil rig lifting, inerting pipe system and the food industry.

One stop shop for your oxygen project

We provide onsite solutions to pipeline welding and hospitals with our OxyPod.

Ongrid Systems and Offgrid Solutions

Electrical solutions for small villages, communities, farmers, crofters, land owners and single households.

Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS)

Fully MCS accredited to support you in the design and installation of renewables.

Any size and scale solutions

Whatever size of your project, we are your partner company for small to large scale renewables and hydrogen systems.

Complete supply chain done for you

We supply all renewable and hydrogen system components including inverters, battery, turbines, polls, PV panels, electrolysers, compressors.

Inhouse training provider

Regular training courses on wind, solar, hydrogen technologies.

Customer service

Guaranteed first class quality assured customer service.

Competitive pricing

Competitive pricing and volume discount available.

Consultancy service provider

Consultancy services for every stage of your project (feasibility studies, environment impact assessment, planning permission, grid connection and others)


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