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About Pure Energy Centre - Pure Energy Centre

About Pure Energy Centre

Our belief in renewable and fundraising in communities has allowed our Colleague, Elizabeth Johnson, to receive an MBE from the hand of Prince Charles. Click here for more information.

Congratulations Elizabeth Johnson MBE. We will continue to thrive in community support and in the development of renewable energy projects as well as green energy storage technologies.

Elizabeth Johnson MBE and Prince Charles

While working for us, Ross Gazey has achieved his Doctor of Philosophy. Congratulations Dr. Ross Gazey.

Dr ross gazey graduating in aberdeen

If you are interested in his Thesis, please find it here.

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What is the Pure Energy Centre?

The Pure Energy Centre (PEC) is a manufacturer of small, medium and large scale hydrogen systems. PEC’s focal point is on the development and deployment of projects centered on electrolysers, storage, compressors, and complex hydrogen refuelling stations operating at 350 and 700 bar.

The PEC also provides power-to-gas hydrogen solutions. In addition, the PEC design, integrate and install fuel cell systems of all types, shape and make. PEC’s team has worked on stationary and transport installation and commissioning. The team behind the PEC has integrated many fuel cell in cars and trucks as well as the setting up of backup power supply systems.

The PEC is MCS certified to develop renewable projects and has installed over 100 wind turbines and a large number of solar systems in Shetland and beyond. The PEC is an expert company when it comes to producing green hydrogen from renewables and was the first entity in the world to have installed an off-grid wind to hydrogen system owned by a community.

Currently, the PEC is involved in the €9 million NWE GenComm hydrogen project, €2.5 million Hylantic AA hydrogen project, a €2.5 million Handiheat NPA project, and the NPA Handiheat 2.5 million project.

In the last 13 years, PEC has supplied electrolysers from 0.5 Nm3/h to 200 Nm3/h. It has supplied oxygen generators, oxygen compressors, oxygen storage solutions and oxygen bottle charging systems. The PEC has also supplied nitrogen generators, N2 compressors, and N2 storage systems.

The PEC has developed several worlds-leading Training courses in renewable, fuel cell and hydrogen technologies and the company provide consultancy services in renewable, hydrogen technologies, oxygen, and nitrogen.

Below are more focused information about what the PEC offers as products and services.

Pure Energy Centre Achievements Worlds first

Hydrogen systems by the Pure Energy Centre

The Pure Energy Centre is one of the only business in the world acting as a one-stop shop for any type and size of hydrogen project.

The Centre has world leading experience and skills to design, supply and commission complete hydrogen systems from 0.5 Nm3/h to multi-Mega-Watt installations.

The Pure Energy Centre has designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned hydrogen technologies in Europe (England, Wales, Scotland, Lithuania, Sweden, Faroe, Germany, Italy) Africa (Morroco, Algeria, Tunisia, South Africa), Far East (Ouzbekistan, India), and Americas (USA, Brazil) among many other countries.

It is the first Scottish company to have designed, manufactured and installed hydrogen filling stations at 350 bar and 700 bar.

It is also the first UK company to have designed, manufactured and installed hydrogen heating systems.

In addition, it is the first company in the world to have designed, produced and delivered a hydrogen training course and a hydrogen fuel cell training course.

Pure Energy Centre in the renewable industry

The Pure Energy Centre is a one-stop shop for any type of renewable project.

It is accredited under the Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) and has installed over 100 wind turbines.

It is currently maintaining a fleet of just over 120 wind generators in the UK alone.

In addition to this, the PEC is also MCS accredited for the design and installation of solar systems of any size and type. The Pure Energy Centre team is proud to have completed installations in Scotland, Italy, France, and Brazil.

Note that the PEC supply all of the components that make up your renewable and hydrogen systems including inverters, battery, turbines, polls, PV panels, electrolysers, compressors, safety equipment, etc.

Nitrogen and oxygen projects

The Pure Energy Centre has been supplying nitrogen and oxygen generators for over a decade.

The PEC provides nitrogen and oxygen compressors and boosters.

Our OxyPod and NitroPod are developed for ease of installation. All of the needed equipment is installed in the Pod including the safety, nitrogen generator, compressor, and the nitrogen storage is installed outside in a safe location.

We also provide oxygen storage and filling systems as well as monitoring.

Electrical work and accreditation

The Pure Energy Centre holds the NICEIC accreditation for performing electrical installation in houses and commercial buildings.

It has managed to wire and rewire complete houses and buildings and is ready to provide its services.

The PEC can provide complete design and wiring solutions for small villages, communities, farmers, crofters, landowners and single households.

Consultancy service provider

The PEC has been providing consultancy services since its inception. It provides these services at every stage of your project (early feasibility studies, environmental impact assessment, planning permission, grid connection, design studies, and others).

The Pure Energy Centre has performed studies for YF, CnES, SIC, Scottish Enterprise, Highland and Island Enterprise, SEGEC, and many communities and NFP organisations.

Need more information, please contact us.