Angel Lima Solar and Wind Monitoring Expert

Angel Ricardo Lima Verdugo visiting Hydrogen training at Pure Energy CentreAngel Lima is a Mechanical engineer born in Guatemala. 

Angel has worked with hydropower plants during two and a half years and specialized in control systems and remote visualization.

He co-founded a  startup called Clever which offers solutions in home automation and energy efficiency.

He is currently pursuing a masters degree in Energy and Environmental Management for Developing Countries at the University of Flensburg, Germany.

Angel Lima is also working as an Asset Management Intern with MPC-Capital Renewable Energies.

His interests lie with the Development of Solar and Wind technologies, combined with energy storage and energy efficiency.

His aim is to increase access to electricity in rural areas of Latin America Countries.

He is also looking at using these technologies to provide a sustainable solution for Caribbean countries, who rely on imported fossil fuels to meet their energy needs.

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Pure Energy Centre note on Angel Lima

Angel Ricardo Lima Verdugo visiting Hydrogen training at Pure Energy Centre

At the Pure Energy Centre, Angel Lima participated in a training course on hydrogen technologies.

He, later on, used some of the knowledge acquired during the course to produce a pre-feasibility study for renewable energy.

Mr. Lima did also investigate the possibility of implementing a hydrogen economy on an island setup.

Angel has been very active during the training course.

He asked very focused questions so that he can understand the implications of hydrogen technologies and how these fit with renewable energy solutions.

He has demonstrated that he has a strong ability to learn new concepts.

During the course, Angel showed a clear understanding of monitoring tools.

He was also able to illustrate his mechanical knowledge as applied to the different hydrogen technologies he learned about.

At the Pure Energy Centre, we are proud to have had Mr. Angel Maria from Guatemala onboard.

We have transferred knowledge about hydrogen storage, hydrogen production, hydrogen stations, and renewable technologies as well as some strategies as to how to apply these in the real world.

We hope that Angel will be able to apply hydrogen technologies in his home country and develop hydrogen South America as well as renewable hydrogen Carribean.