Bilbao Tests Mobility System Pioneer In Europe

Citizens will be able to look up traffic situation, parking and bus network in Bilbao through their mobile smart phones. The main novelty is that, for the first time, users will be able to feedback to the system to correct and improve the information collected and shared.

The City of Bilbao and the Mobility and Logistics Cluster of the Basque Country presented in early June 2013 a new service to the city: the opportunity to consult on the mobile phone, through a single application, aggregated information on traffic conditions, parking availability and bus network positioning with data coming from city sensor systems but also from the users feedback.

Bilbao tests mobility system pioneer in Europe

From now on, it will be easier to avoid traffic jams, find a parking space or check bus arrival based also on real time information form the proper users. This will be possible thanks to dynamic “feedback loop” from mobile users and travellers to the cities’ traffic management centres. These feedback is possible thanks to the In-Time Commonly Agreed Interface (CAI) that allows to connect users to traffic management centers for a regular feed of data and informa-tion. The result of this validation of cooperative mobility services will be an increased exchange of experiences amongst public authorities, TISPs (Traffic Information Service Providers) and citizens.

The real challenge of the initiative lies in the accuracy and quality of the information managed. With the addition of the data provided by citizens, it is possible to integrate in just one place all the information provided by all actors involved in the processes of mobility, not only the traffic authorities or transport operators, allowing, thus, to react to changing traffic conditions and take steps to improve mobil-ity in urban areas.

The application is already available for Android users for Bilbao City and five other cities in Europe (Florence, Munich, Prague, Reading and Vienna).

Source: Further Information On The Bilbao tests mobility system pioneer in Europe can be found on the Batterie European Project website which is financed by the Atlantic Area Transnational Programme

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