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BATTERIE Exhibited at All Energy

Minister For Scotland Alistair Carmichael with Elizabeth Johnson from Pure Energy Centre and Symbio Fuel Cell

In the spotlight: BATTERIE Exhibited at All Energy BATTERIE exhibited at one of Europe’s largest Renewable exhibition which took place at Aberdeen All Energy, United Kingdom. BATTERIE was there throughout the two day’s conference and exhibition where attendees found information on Local, National and Regional activities in green transport, renewables and communities. We had many discussions with the private […]

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The Future Of Urban Mobility – What is it?

Future of urban transport electric vehicle charging point bicycle green energy

According to research by the International Energy Agency (IEA), a significant part of the total energy-related CO2 emissions in 2035 are already “locked-in” by the existing capital stock. This means that the World is increasingly tied to large investments that move us further away from the emissions trajectory required to limit the average temperature increase […]

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A DeLorean Car Converted Into An Electric Vehicle By Students

Convertion of a delorean car into an electric vehicle

A DeLorean Vehicle Converted Into An Electric Vehicle  By Queens University Students On 6th June 2013 a project was launched at Queens University in Belfast, enabling 10 students to convert a DeLorean into an electric vehicle! The project will focus on integrating new ‘smart technologies’ into todays electricity network, making sure it responds to renewable […]

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Electric Vehicles – What To Do On An Island With No Fuel Station?

green electric vehicle fetlar shetland

The Island of Fetlar is one of the more remote Shetland Islands which, in common with other small islands shares similar issues. These range from severe depopulation and high cost of living to concerns over the future provision of transport for locals. To counter these challenges the community on Fetlar formed a development company, Fetlar […]

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