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CNG compressor - Pure Energy Centre

CNG compressor

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Compressed Natural Gas CNG compressor can be used in conjunction with a fueling station system for fuelling CNG vehicles. The Pure Energy Centre CNG Compressor can be connected to a standard natural gas supply, similar to the one found at home or at businesses. The Pure CNG compressors can be used in a residential setup with a CNG gas station for fueling vehicles, buses and CNG appliances.

CNG Compressor by Pure Energy Centre

CNG Compressor by Pure Energy Centre

Some use of a CNG compressor

The compressor can be used to compress CNG gas directly into a vehicle. It can also be used to pump the gas into high pressure CNG tanks. When the tanks are full, then these are emptied into the vehicle CNG cylinders via a refueller. The role of the refueller is to safely ‘dump’ the natural gas into the vehicle CNG storage system, avoiding any overheating or spark phenomenon.

On the other hands, CNG compressors can be used to compress natural gas in a pipeline set up. Usually, for long pipeline, there are gas compressor stations, where the gas need to be compressed so that it can be ‘transported’ from a given point (say point A) to another point (say point B) in the pipeline. Many compressors are used in long pipelines, the size and dimensions depend upon the length of the pipeline and the amount of natural gas to be transported.

CNG Compressor Features

  • Price: Between £40,000 to £300,000. Sometimes it can be more if the system is large
  • Production: Wide range of compresion options (i.e., 30 bar, 200 bar, etc)
  • Proven record: Installed in many locations around Europe.
  • Maintenance: 5 year maintenance contracts available.
  • Monitoring: Remote monitoring available through ethernet and specific requirements can be investigated.
  • Installation: Optionally packaged for easy installation
  • Quality assurance: Compressors are CE marked.


If you have any specific requirements for a CNG Compressor, please do not hesitate to contact us with your query. Click here and enter your needs. We also supply Coke compressors and any other forms for compressors.