CNG Storage



Steel based K-Type CNG storage with 200 bar maximum pressureExample of a CNG storage system

We offer various sizes of CNG storage systems based on the 200 bar K-Type cylinder or other larger tanks. The most common requirements are single cylinder, manifold cylinder pack of 12 cylinders and 49 cylinders. Other configurations are also possible.

Each cylinder has a maximum void space capacity of 50 litres and a storage pressure rating of 200bar. For these tanks, the CNG gas must be dried prior to storing in the cylinders. See below the technical characteristics of the proposed cylinders.

Storing non dry CNG gas 

For non dry CNG gas, we have designed and are offering a liquid collection system at the bottom of the tanks. This allows condensate drainage.

We can offer our CNG gas outlet at the top of the cylinders, with the inlet being at the bottom of the cylinder and directly connected to the compressor.

These type of tanks are certified PED and we can supply cylinders with working pressures of up to 275 Bar.

Manifold Cylinder Packs

The CNG Manifold Cylinder Packs (MCP) are designed and manufactured to be easily transported and moved by both a forklift and/or crane. The MCP frame has attachments on the top to allow easy lifting by crane, and framing at the bottom to allow easy forklift truck access. Please see our Hydrogen Storage web page for an example picture of our MCPs.

CNG Storage Pod

CNG Storage Pod System as installed in the filed

Our CNG Storage Pod (see picture example) provides the perfect means to buffer CNG gas without attracting attention. It also allows to simplify the storage of CNG from an onsite CNG supply. The CNG storage system is installed a 20″ container (possibility for a 40″ container) providing a safe environement for operating a CNG buffer storage system in a highly industrial site.

If what you need in terms of CNG Storage is not in the above, please do not hesitate to contact us with your query. Click here and enter your needs.