Davide Ragaglia joins the Pure Energy Centre

Davide Ragaglia is the latest engineer to have joined to the Pure Energy Centre (PEC). His main task will be to provide support for the European Hydrogen Gencomm project.

Gencomm is an Interreg North West Europe project. Its aim is to find solutions for remote communities facing the following problems: electrical grid network connection restrictions for new renewable installations, curtailment of existing renewable installations and the high cost of imported fuels.

The objective of Gencomm is to use hydrogen energy storage technologies to resolve the problems.

The team behind the project will develop a hydrogen based energy model. It will also create a Decision Support Tool (DST). The model and DST will allow communities around the North West Europe territory and beyond to easily develop renewable hydrogen projects.

To do this, the project will analyse the results of three pilot plants that produce green hydrogen directly from renewable sources. Three different sources of renewable have been selected for the project: bioenergy, wind and solar.

Elizabeth Johnson MBE, Business Development Manager of Pure Energy Centre said, “It is within this context that hiring Davide Ragaglia was interesting. He is a young Italian energy engineer with expertise in bioenergy and biogas plants.”

She added “He worked previously on biogas plants and is an expert on the different processes surrounding biogas production and how to optimize their processes. He also has an excellent experience and knowledge of other renewable sources that will be used in the Gencomm project.”

Vincenzo Ortisi, senior engineer at Pure Energy Centre (PEC) said: “With the recent award of the Gencomm project co-funded by the Interreg North West Europe Programme and expanded workload, we need new engineers to help serve our workload. This is why we decided to hire Davide with skills in biogas technologies.”

He added: “At Gencomm we lead, and are responsible for a complex work package. We are required to investigate how to balance the grid with innovative storage technologies. Davide` s expertise matches the requirement of the work that PEC will undertake with the project’s partners.”

In Gencomm, the PEC team of engineers are required to ensure the operation of a biogas to hydrogen pilot plant in the Western Isles.

Davide and his team will exploit bio-waste (municipal and industrial waste such as household garbage) to produce biogas.  The biogas will then be transformed into heat and electrical power via a combined heat and power plant (CHP).

Any generated electricity will be sold to the electrical grid network owner. When the CHP will be curtailed, meaning the grid cannot take the electricity generated by the CHP, then all the excess electrical power will be redirected to produce hydrogen through an electrolyser.

The hydrogen produced will then be used to produce electricity and heat through a fuel cell combined heat and power unit. In summary, PEC will develop a BIOH2CHP process and acquire the data from such system.

Other Gencomm project teams will then take this data and turn it into models and the DST. The DST will then be used by communities to shorten the decision-making process when developing a renewable hydrogen project including hydrogen dispensingfuel cell combined heat and powerhydrogen vehicles, etc.

The Gencomm aim is to reduce the time it takes from the initial inception of a renewable hydrogen project to its delivery by providing key information to communities.

Davide, said on his new job: “I am very pleased to be joining the Pure Energy Centre. This is a forward looking company that is at the cutting edge of hydrogen technologies and renewable too. This is the exact type of companies that I have been looking for. I am already enjoying myself and look forward to help the PEC in redefining the energy market.”

Further editorial information About Pure Energy Centre:

Pure Energy Centre is redefining the energy market with its latest hydrogen filling station technology. It is now aiming at supporting universities, householders, councils, businesses with their hydrogen installations.

Currently, the PEC has hydrogen sales in Europe, Americas, Africa, and Asia. It has a portfolio of hydrogen filling stations at 350 bar and 700 bar pressure which includes electrolysers, gas storage, fuel cells, gas compressors, dispensers, coolers, and advanced remote monitoring systems.

The PEC also offers the oil and gas market its adaptive CNG, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen platform that can be used at the rig site. The platform consists of generators, compressors, storage systems, HSE, amongst many others.

Pure Energy Centre USP in hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen solutions is the production, compression and storage of these gases at the point of use. This reduces the need for importing the gases. It also reduces the need to obtain difficult transport authorisations.

At the heart of the Pure Energy Centre platform of products is a large portfolio of intellectual property and trade secrets that allow the company to quickly respond customer’s needs.

The Pure Energy Centre supply solutions around the world with customers in South Africa, South America, Asia and Europe. For more information about Pure Energy Centre, visit www.pureenergycentre.com.

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