€117.5M FCH2-JU 2016 call for H2& FC proposals

FCH2 JU €117.5M 2016 call for hydrogen & fuel cell proposals

On Tuesday 19th January 2016, The Fuel Cells and Hydrogen 2 Joint Undertaking (FCH2 –JU) released its Annual Work Plan for 2016. This continues  the  work  initiated  in  previous  years, and has an indicative a record budget of €117.5 Million. The deadline for applications is the 3rd May 2016.

This 2016  Call will address key challenges as identified by the stakeholders  in the  Joint  Undertaking. These challenges encompass different areas of research and innovation for each  of  the  Transport  and  Energy  pillars,  as  well  as  Cross-Cutting  activities, and complemented  by  Overarching  topics.

A  total  of  24  topics  are included in the 2016 call for proposals, including  10  for  Transport,  11  for  Energy,  2  for  Cross-Cutting  and  1  Overarching.

The Calls for Proposals will be subject to independent evaluation and will follow the Horizon 2020 rules on calls for proposals.

For more information about this call please check the FCH2-JU website: http://www.fch.europa.eu/page/call-2016

The 24 call topics for 2016 are

  • FCH-01-1-2016: Manufacturing technologies for PEMFC stack components and stacks
  • FCH-01-2-2016: Standardisation of components for cost-efficient fuel cell systems for automotive applications
  • FCH-01-3-2016: PEMFC system manufacturing technologies and quality assurance
  • FCH-01-4-2016: Development of industrialization-ready PEMFC systems and system components
  • FCH-01-5-2016: Develop new complementary technologies for achieving competitive solutions for marine applications
  • FCH-01-6-2016: Develop new complementary technologies for achieving competitive solutions for rail applications
  • FCH-01-7-2016: Improvement of compressed storage systems and related manufacturing processes in the perspective of automotive mass production
  • FCH-01-8-2016: Development of innovative hydrogen compressor technology for small scale decentralized applications for hydrogen refuelling or storage
  • FCH-02-1-2016: Establish testing protocols for electrolysers performing electricity grid services
  • FCH-02-2-2016: Development of compact reformers for distributed bio-hydrogen production
  • FCH-02-3-2016: Development of processes for direct production of hydrogen from sunlight
  • FCH-02-4-2016: Co-generation of hydrogen and electricity with high-temperature fuel cells
  • FCH-02-5-2016: Advanced monitoring, diagnostics and lifetime estimation for stationary SOFC stacks and modules
  • FCH-02-6-2016: Development of cost effective manufacturing technologies for key components or fuel cell systems for industrial applications
  • FCH-03-1-2016: Development of innovative hydrogen purification technology based on membrane systems
  • FCH-01-10-2016: Validation of fuel cell urban trucks and related infrastructure
  • FCH-01-9-2016: Large scale validation of fuel cell bus fleets
  • FCH-02-10-2016: Demonstration of fuel cell-based energy storage solutions for isolated micro-grid or off-grid remote areas
  • FCH-02-11-2016: MW or multi-MW demonstration of stationary fuel cells
  • FCH-02-7-2016: Demonstration of large-scale rapid response electrolysis to provide grid balancing services and to supply hydrogen markets
  • FCH-02-8-2016: Large scale demonstration of commercial fuel cells in the power range of 20-100kW in different market applications
  • FCH-02-9-2016: Large scale demonstration of commercial fuel cells in the power range of 100-400kW in different market applications
  • FCH-04-1-2016: Novel education and training tools
  • FCH-04-2-2016: Identification of legal-administrative barriers for the installation and operation of key FCH technologies

FCH2 JU Information day

The FCH2 JU will hold its annual Info-Day on the 3rd February 2016, from 09.00 until 13.00, in the Madou Auditorium in Brussels. The purpose of the Info-Day is to present the FCH2 JU new call for proposals, and to give further insights into the description of the topics and rules for participation. Registration is mandatory due to limited amount of places, and will be open until noon 1st  of February.

Link to register for Info-Day on the 3rd February 2016 : http://www.fch.europa.eu/event/fch-ju-info-day-2016

You can contact the Pure Energy Centre at info(at)pureenergycentre.com if you are looking for a partner for a project. We look forward to partnering with you.