Fuel Cell FAQ

This FAQ is aimed at providing you some answers to the most common questions you may have on hydrogen fuel cell technologies before you purchase a fuel cell system.


Q1: What is a fuel cell?

A1: A fuel cell is a very efficient device that converts the hydrogen gas energy into electricity. There are several different types of fuel cell, some of which can use natural gas as fuel.  When a fuel cell uses Pure Hydrogen as a fuel, then its only by-product is water.

Q2: Are fuel cells noisy?

A2: No. Fuel a fuel cell has no moving internal parts. The only moving parts are the external pumps and small compressors that control the flow of fuel and air into the Fuel Cell making Fuel cells almost silent.

Q3: So why do I need to consider fuel cells at all?

A3: Because hydrogen fuel cells are very low noise, zero emissions and highly efficient.

Q4: Is a fuel cell safe?

A4: A fuel cell uses Hydrogen as fuel. As hydrogen is a flammable fuel (similar to natural gas), it requires care and safe handling. Many scientists agree that the properties of hydrogen make it safer than other conventional fuels in many cases. To learn more about the safety aspects of hydrogen and fuel cells, please attend our training course.

Q5: Can fuel cell technology be used in cars?

A5: Yes – Hydrogen fuel cell technology can be used in cars, buses, trucks and any other form or transport.

Q6: Why are there not that many of them on the road?

A6: There are many factors for this, but manufacturers will launch in 2015 hydrogen fuel cell vehicles on the road.

Q7: Where can I buy hydrogen?

A7: You can buy hydrogen from any gas company. We can help in sourcing but also producing your own hydrogen if required. Please call us on +44 (0) 1957 711 410.

Q8: What is the difference between hybrid and a fuel cell cars?

A8: In a fuel cell car, the fuel cell will provide power all the motive and auxiliary power to the vehicle just like a conventional combustion engine powered vehicle. In a hybrid fuel cell vehicle, an energy storage mechanism is added alongside the fuel cell. This can take the form a battery or ultra capacitor bank. Hybrid vehicles have some benefits when compared to a fuel cell only vehicle. For example the size of the fuel cell power unit can be reduced and enhanced fuel economy can be realised through regenerative braking energy.

Q9: What are the benefits of hydrogen fuel cells in transport?

A9: There are many benefits for example:

  • Produce no harmful emissions such as smog, greenhouse gases, particles and others
  • Fuel cells can be twice as efficient as vehicles that uses internal combustion engines
  • Hydrogen used in a vehicle can be produced using renewable energy
  • Almost no noise
  • Reduce health, social and environment costs


Q10: Can you give an example of cost for a hydrogen fuel cell?

A10: Each manufacturer will have its own pricing strategy but today, a fuel cell would typically cost around $4000 per kW.

Q11: Do I need to be trained?

A11: It is always good to understand the basics about fuel cells, hydrogen storage and safety aspects when you use a new technology. Please call us if you want to attend our training course on +44 (0) 1957 711 410.

Q12: Where can I see a hydrogen fuel cell?

A12: We have many sites in around the UK. Please contact us if you want to visit a site. What we would advise to attend our training course and see one of the systems. Please call us if you would like to attend one of our training courses on +44 (0) 1957 711 410.

Q13.How does hydrogen compare with other fuels like gasoline and diesel?



Q14: Can I install a fuel cell myself?

A14: If you require a fuel cell system, it is strongly advised to get a company with expertise in fuel cell installations so that you reduce any risk to your installation.

Q15: Can I sell my fuel cell energy to the electrical grid?

A15: Yes you can sell your fuel cell produced electrical energy to the electrical grid.

Q16: Do fuel cells require maintenance?

A16: Like most engines, a fuel cell will require routine maintenance.

Q17: What warranty does a fuel cell carry?

A17: Each fuel cell manufacturer has thier own warranty criteria, but most of them provide a 1 year warranty as a standard starting point.

Q18: What do I do If I want to buy a fuel cell?

A18: Call us on +44 (0) 1957 711 410.

Q19: Do I need any planning permissions?

A19: Most likely not. But planning departments may require planning consent under certain conditions. It is advisable to consult with your local planning office. We can support you through this process.


Have more question before purchasing a hydrogen fuel cell system?

Please do not hesitate to contact the Pure Energy Centre to discuss your requirements on +44 (0) 1957 711 410 or click here and fill up the form for your hydrogen fuel cell system.