The Pure Energy Centre yesterday announced that Dr. Ross Gazey demonstrated that hydrogen technologies can be profitable today and not in five to twenty years like many say.

Dr Ross Gazey
Dr. Ross Gazey at graduation time

Ross was awarded a PhD (Doctor of Philosophy) from the Robert Gordon University for his work on finances and economics of hydrogen technologies. He managed to demonstrate that hydrogen produced from renewable can be highly profitable. His research findings are now helping investors globally to decide how to invest in hydrogen technologies.

The outcomes of this research are critical to the world as a whole because projects to produce hydrogen from renewable can be developed everywhere and the hydrogen used as a clean fuel for cars. Such a fuel has the ability to completely slash carbon emissions with all of the indirect benefits to the environment.

With hydrogen being produced locally from renewable and consumed locally, country’s fuel independence can be reached. Achieving clean fuel independence in particular and energy independence in general will have endless benefits to human king as a whole. Good examples are health benefits, financial security, energy security, job creation and many more positive results, without forgetting reduction in global potential future conflicts for securing energy.

Commenting on his work, Dr. Ross Gazey said: “This represents the culmination of three years of hard work and personal dedication. I have rejoined my company, the Pure Energy Centre, where the models I developed for the last three years are already being put to good use for companies, communities and the public sector. As the Technical Director of the Pure Energy Centre, I can only be proud that these models are helping my company to support many of our customers.”

He said: “The main issue as I see it are mainly political and public awareness. Without political push with hard decisions to be made, such as legislation changes, long term financial support schemes similar to the renewable sector, it will be hard to put a new and potentially disruptive hydrogen technology onto the market. Public awareness is also key to any developments in this sector. It is important that the member of the public see the benefits of hydrogen technologies and that at all level.”

Elizabeth Johnson (MBE), Business Development Manager of the Pure Energy Centre, said: “We are very pleased for Dr. Ross Gazey for his excellent research work and we would like to congratulate him for all of his efforts. This PhD recognises Ross’s ground breaking research in hydrogen technologies for the past three years. But it also recognises Ross’s achievement in the hydrogen industry for the past 15 years, where he has installed hydrogen stations in Europe, America, and Africa. We, at the Pure Energy Centre are extremely proud of Ross and we are pleased that he and his colleagues’ knowledge on modelling hydrogen systems will be put to use for the benefit of our customers and the wider industry.”

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