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Hydrogen compressor - Pure Energy Centre

Hydrogen compressor

The Pure Energy Centre is a company that has been designing, developing, manufacturing and installing low to high-pressure hydrogen compressors around the world. We offer our H2 compressors products and services in any country all aimed at multiple industries including hydrogen filling stations, oil & gas, energy storage, renewable and other applications.

We offer a wide variety and types of compressors. You can install these in many different scenarios. It is possible to install the compressors in hydrogen houses between and electrolyzer and a storage system, in businesses to support their needs such as ice cream companies for hydrogenation, at farmers where they use it to produce ammonia or as a fuel at the back of a wind farm or solar farm, and refineries to pressurise the hydrogen before it is being used to clean up the gas or oil. There are also many applications for our H2 compressors.

For instance, you can also use the compressor in green hydrogen transport applications, energy storage solutions, grid balancing, food processing, and power station cooling. We pride ourselves at ensuring that as many applications of our compressor units use renewable electricity to pressurise the hydrogen.

Each of our H2 compressor units is unique. It is built to your needs all with the latest innovations in hydrogen compression, safety, and operation. We offer different hydrogen flow and pressures all set to match your storage working pressure.

We can pressurise hydrogen into different types of storage systems at 200 bar, 350 bar (5000 psi), 450 bar, 500 bar, 700 bar (10,000 psi), 900 bar (13,000 psi).

900 bar hydrogen compressor

Our Hydrogen Compressor offer

Maximum powerMaximum FlowMax Pressure
200kW400 Nm3/hour900 Bar

Suitable Gases for our compressors




Calibration gases

Coke gases
  • Price: Between £40,000 to £120,000. Can go higher for a very large H2 compressor.
  • Production: Wide range of H2 compression options (i.e., 30 bar, 200 bar, 400 bar, 700 bar, 900 bar, etc.)
  • Proven record: Installed in many locations around Europe and the world.
  • Maintenance: 5 year maintenance contracts available.
  • Monitoring: Remote monitoring available for your hydrogen compressor.
  • Installation: Optionally packaged for easy installation
  • Quality assurance: CE marked compressors.
  • Contact us on +44 (0) 1957 711 410 for more information.

PureH2 Compressor

The PureH2 compressor series are robust, highly reliable and proven hydrogen compressors. The PureH2 compressor series has been designed to compress hydrogen without any contamination. In fact, they are currently applied in many different fields such as hydrogen energy storage, hydrogen gas refuelling stations, hydrogen compressed gas for fuel cell applications, hydrogen compressed gas for hydrogen boilers and in many other industrial processes. Note that our complete H2 compressor system solution consists of the following:

  • The PureH2 compressor
  • The power conditioning Unit
  • The cooling system
  • The control and monitoring unit and the safety system

Our hydrogen compressors are particularly suitable for many different types of applications. And depending on your requirements, we can provide the following technologies:

  • Hydrogen Diaphragm Compressor ‘Oil-Free’
  • H2 Piston Oil Compressor ‘Oil-Free’
  • Hydrogen Air-Driven Compressor ‘Oil-Free’
  • H2 Water Driven Compressor ‘Oil-Free’
  • Hydrogen Gas Hydraulic Oil-Free Compressor

Contact us by clicking here. We will definitely be pleased to provide the most suitable H2 gas compressor that fits your needs and field application.

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