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Hydrogen Electrolyser - Pure Energy Centre

Hydrogen Electrolyser

The Pure Energy Centre is a company committed to the design, development, and manufacture of low and high-pressure hydrogen electrolyzers. We offer our electrolyzer products and services globally all aimed at multiple industries including the renewable, oil & gas, metallurgical, glass, food, gold, and other applications.

Hydrogen electrolyser

The Pure Energy Centre where the first company in the world to install a completely offgrid hydrogen electrolyser system all owned by a community in 2005. Since then, it has installed electrolysers in Asia, the Middle East, Americas, and in many European countries. The Pure Energy Centre has an enviable proven track record as an expert in the hydrogen alternative fuel production, compression, storage and dispensing all of being used to your advantage.

We offer electrolyzer’s tailored solutions for hydrogen houses, businesses, farmers, refineries, green transport, energy storage solutions, gold and diamond mining, food processing, power station cooling and we aim at ensuring that as many applications of our hydrogen generator units use renewable energy.

Each of our electrolyser product is unique and built to your needs all with the latest innovations in hydrogen production, safety and operation. We offer small scale 0.5Nm3/h to large multi MW electrolysers.

Our hydrogen generator specification and prices

  • Price: The price for a hydrogen electrolyser varies from size to size, technology to technology and from one pressure output to another one. But it is possible to say that electrolysers costs vary from £40,000 to £250,000 for the small ones and multi-million pounds for the larger ones.
  • Production: Wide range of hydrogen electrolysers available to suit your various projects.
  • Quality: Excellent durable hydrogen electrolyser.
  • Proven record: Hydrogen Electrolyser installed under the most stringent weather conditions of the Scottish Isles (UK).
  • Intermittency: Suitable for intermittent electricity sources like solar electrolysers or wind and hydro.
  • Maintenance: 5 year maintenance contracts available.
  • Monitoring: Remote monitoring available.
  • Installation: Easy to install the hydrogen electrolyzer in a containerised solution.
  • Quality assurance: All our electrolyzers are CE marked.
  • Electrical supply: 120/240 VAC, 400/440 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Contact us on +44 (0) 1957 711 410 for more information on our full range of electrolyzers.

Making Hydrogen via electrolysis

The Pure Energy Centre (PEC) is a hydrogen electrolyzer manufacture. As such, the PEC offers a wide variety of hydrogen electrolyzers that allows you to produce hydrogen via the electrolysis process.

Our electrolyzer’s membrane and catalysts aim at taking advantage of a 19th-century electrochemical reaction invention to split water (H2O) into oxygen (O2) and hydrogen (H2) molecules. The end product is Hydrogen gas that can be stored and then used to fuel a fuel cell stack, internal combustion engines, cookers, boilers, heaters, and any type of hydrogen cars.

Types of hydrogen electrolyzers

We provide two types of electrolysers. Alkaline and Proton Exchange Membranes (also known as Hydrogen PEM electrolysers). Note that there is a third type of electrolysers, called Solid Oxide Electrolyzers.

Both our Alkaline and PEM electrolysers produce industry grade hydrogen with extremely high gas purity ranging from 95% up to 99.999%. Note that fuel cell grade hydrogen must be what is called as five nines, meaning 99.999%.

Our electrolysers can be used to produce hydrogen but also to store the oxygen. The use of electrolyzer oxygen can be included before or after installation. The PEC has already installed hydrogen/oxygen electrolyzers where the hydrogen is used to fuel hydrogen trucks, while the oxygen is sold to oxygen users.

Hydrogen electrolyzer manufacture

At our state-of-the-art facilities, we manufacture, supply and deploy hydrogen electrolyzers in many different configurations, all of which can be installed on your hydrogen site.

We have different electrolyser size solutions, where both gases can be stored at different pressures such as atmospheric. But we also produce high-pressure electrolyzers at 5 bar, 10 bar, and 30 bars. Note that all our water electrolyzer comes with innovative control and management systems.

There are times where we have hydrogen electrolyzer for sale, whether they are PEM or Alkaline type. We take safety as the top of our development pyramid our team of hydrogen experts custom build electrolyser to your satisfaction and to maximise safety. The aim is to ensure that they are manufactured to the appropriate level of details.

Hydrogen electrolyzers for renewable energy

We deploy and operate electrolyzers that can be connected to a renewable form of energy source or directly connected to the grid. We usually build an electrolyzer with a view to connecting it to a solar, wind, or hydro source of energy right from the design stage until it is finally installed.

The Pure Energy Centre was the first entity in the world to have provided a community hydrogen production electrolysis solution and to announce that the electrolysis unit was directly connected to a wind turbine. We can supply a wide range of hydrogen flow including 0.5 Nm3/h, 1 Nm3/h, 2 Nm3/h, 5 Nm3/h, 16 Nm3/h, and 200 Nm3/h and above. Other configurations are also possible and some of these are summarized below.

Home electrolyzer

The Pure Energy Centre has also been manufacturing a set of home electrolyzer systems for many years. The initial idea was to design these as hydrogen home electrolysis unit to support the uptake of hydrogen home technologies for cooking and refilling cars.

However, most of our home electrolyzers have found their real hydrogen homes in universities at a global level. The home electrolysis kits sold to higher education organisations have been used as laboratory equipment for training and teaching.

The universities and colleges also use these to perform hydrogen experiments. The aim is to produce small quantities of hydrogen in laboratories for students to learn about hydrogen technologies and for researchers to perform some innovative testing. The below picture illustrates one of the home electrolysers as installed at Split’s University in Croatia.

Home hydrogen electrolyzer Pure Energy Centre Prof Frano Barbir and Croatia hydrogen team

But the quantities of home hydrogen electrolysis production can also be used to fuel vehicles. Usually, home electrolysers stacks can be as small as 0.5 Nm3/h and up to 2 Nm3/h. A small electrolyser can, therefore, be used with a hydrogen compressor to fill a vehicle or a quad.

Home electrolysers have also be used to produce hydrogen for cooking and heating purposes. The Pure Energy Centre have more hydrogen plans in the future and will continue to provide innovative hydrogen solutions.

Pure Hydrogen electrolyser

The Pure hydrogen electrolyser (PureH2 electrolyzer) series are robust, highly reliable proven alkaline and PEM electrolysers. The PureH2 has been designed to produce hydrogen for a fuel cell, H2ICE, Hydrogen cooker, power stations, vehicles, and many industrial processes. A complete hydrogen production solution consists of the following:

Our hydrogen electrolysers are particularly suitable for intermittent electricity sources such as renewable energies. They have been specifically developed to store excess energy. Benefits of the electrolyser are to increase the use of renewables when the grid is weak or not available. Our hydrogen production unit can also connect directly to grid electricity.

Summary of our most commonly purchased hydrogen electrolyser (Contact us if you have specific requirements)

Hydrogen Electrolyser ModelMax H2 ProductionMax O2 ProductionMax Power*
2Nm3 Pure hydrogen electrolyser2.66 Nm3/h1.33 m3/h15 kW
4Nm3 Pure hydrogen electrolyser4 Nm3/h2 m3/h22 kW
5Nm3 Pure hydrogen electrolyser5.3 Nm3/h2.65 m3/h30 kW
6Nm3 Pure hydrogen electrolyser6.66 Nm3/h3.33 m3/h38 kW
8Nm3 Pure hydrogen electrolyser8.66 Nm3/h4.33 m3/h49 kW
10Nm3 Pure hydrogen electrolyser10.66 Nm3/h5.33 m3/h58 kW
16Nm3 Pure hydrogen electrolyser16 Nm3/h8 m3/h81 kW
21Nm3 Pure hydrogen electrolyser21.33 Nm3/h10.66 m3/h108 kW
32Nm3 Pure hydrogen electrolyser32 Nm3/h16 m3/h175 kW
42Nm3 Pure hydrogen electrolyser42.63 Nm3/h21.31 m3/h230 kW

*: Includes parasitic load such as safety equipment

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