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Hydrogen engine - Pure Energy Centre

Hydrogen engine


Our Hydrogen Engine offer

  • We convert petrol engines to run on hydrogen.
  • Types: Two types available, a hydrogen engine conversion for stationary and transport applications.
  • Use: Similar to any standard engine, the only difference being the fuel that is hydrogen.
  • Emissions: No CO2 and very low NOx emissions (and in some cases zero NOx).
  • Proven track record: We have operated hydrogen engines for five years.
  • Installation: Easy and simple, but you will need a hydrogen supply.
  • Hydrogen supply: We can supply a complete hydrogen solution including the production of hydrogen from water, a hydrogen storage system, and the hydrogen engine (completely converted).
  • Contact us on +44 (0) 1957 711 410 for more information.

Hydrogen engine stationary



Why a hydrogen engine?

An engine  is one of the most remarkable devices you will use in your life. It provides you with a means to generate electricity, heat, and allows you to be taken from place to place when the engine is used in a hydrogen transport application. The problem with current engine facilities is that they pollute. This lead to climate change issues we all face. You may say, but I do not have a vehicle, I use the bus and the train (or others public transport). Well even when you use public transport, you are indirectly supporting the production of emissions. You may think that you have no other choice, and you may be right,  but today there is a solution. This solution is simple, hydrogen engines.Hydrogen engine transport

There are two types of hydrogen engines. A hydrogen fuel cell engine and a hydrogen internal combustion engine. The main difference between these two is that fuel cells are more expensive than Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine (H2ICE). Therefore much cheaper H2ICE are seen by many experts as the means to provide a transition between emitting and non emitting transport and stationary system.

Basically a hydrogen engine is the ultimate engine. It emits zero CO2 and minimal NOx when compared to other engines. In addition, a hydrogen engine (H2ICE) is based on internal combustion engine technoloy. So the current vehicle maintenance infrastructure do not need major investment to adapt to this new engine. In addition, as we convert current ICE engines to run on hydrogen, then your current vehicle or stationary application can operate on dual fuel. Say you have a petrol vehicle and convert it to run on hydrogen, your vehicle will still be able to run on petrol. This means you will be able to fill up your vehicle with hydrogen and when your vehicle runs out of hydrogen, you just swap back to petrol fuel.

Further to the above, as your vehicle runs on hydrogen, this means you have gas with you. So if you have gas, you can take a hydrogen pipe and a hydrogen barbecue during your day out. When you stop your car, your hydrogen storage can be used for cooking your food.

The Pure Energy Centre converts vehicles and stationary engines to run on hydrogen. We mainly convert petrol type vehicles. Therefore if you wish to get your fleet of vehicles converted, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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