Hydrogen products



The Pure Energy Centre Hydrogen Products

Here are the different hydrogen products that the Pure Energy Centre offers.

1- Hydrogen electrolyzer

The Pure Energy Centre offers two main different types of electrolyzers: Alkaline and PEM electrolyzers.

Our electrolyzers range from 0.5 Nm3/h to 200 Nm3/h. We provide small to Multi-Megawatt electrolyzers.

Our hydrogen electrolyzers can be provided with 5 bar, 10 bar or 30 bar pressure output.

Contact us here for more information on our electrolyzers or read more about them by clicking here.

2- Hydrogen fuelling station / dispenser

The Pure Energy Centre is uniquely positioned to supply state-of-the-art hydrogen fuelling stations at both 350 bar and 700 bar.

We have supplied many installations and manufactured fuelling station with slow refill and high hydrogen flow filling.

For the low flow, there is no need for a specialised cooling system.

On the other hands, if you need a high flow filling station, then we advise that you get one of our hydrogen cooling product.

Whether you need a refueling station for buses, trucks, cars, forklifts or other, we have the appropriate design solution for you.

Contact us here for more information on our hydrogen gas filling stations.

We will be pleased to support you in your projects.

Note that our dispensers have been used with the Hyundai Mira, trucks, and buses.

3- Hydrogen compressor products

The Pure Energy Centre supply hydrogen hydraulic compressors.

We also manufacture hydrogen reciprocating piston based compressors.

And we have constructed hydrogen diaphragm compressors.

Our versatile hydrogen booster and compressors can be used in many different applications.

We supply low pressures hydrogen gas booster up to high pressure 900 bar pressures.

Contact usĀ here with your needs or read more information by clicking here.

4 – Hydrogen storage

The Pure Energy Centre offers a variety of hydrogen storage solutions including the low, medium and high-pressure solution.

Our systems comply with PED or TPED depending on your requirements.

We can supply ready-made bundles of storage, storage solutions included in a container (called StorePod) or other solutions as required by your entity.

We have solutions at 175 bar, 200 bar, 300 bar, 450 bar, 700 bar, and 900 bar.

Other solutions are also available.

Do not hesitate to contact us for our hydrogen storage products on our contact page or for more information click here.

5- Hydrogen fuel cell kit

Over the years, we have developed many different hydrogen fuel cell kits for different types of applications.

These ranges from stationary solutions including backup power supply, transport application for trucks, cars and specialised vehicles.

We have also supplied small teaching systems to support the teaching of hydrogen fuel cell technologies.

Please contact us here for more information or read on by clicking here.

6- Hydrogen vehicle

The Pure Energy Centre is a company that has integrated fuel cell and hydrogen storage systems in the transport sector.

It has done to develop hydrogen vehicles so for trucks, cars, and specialised vehicles.

If you need a company that has knowledge of hydrogen technologies including fuel cells, and that you want to develop a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle, then please contact us here.

7- Hydrogen boiler

The Pure Energy Centre has supplied and installed a number of hydrogen boilers for heating purposes.

These boilers have been designed for ground heating, but can be used with radiators, in the case that the radiators are large in size to radiate the heat.

If you need a demonstration project, the Pure Energy Centre will be pleased to support your requirements.

Please contact us directly here, or read on about the boiler here.

8- Hydrogen cooker product

The Pure Energy Centre supply hydrogen cookers with a single or dual knob.

The cooker can be used in the same way our standard cooker.

The only difference is that you need hydrogen gas.

So, please ensure that you have a source of hydrogen gas before trying to acquire a hydrogen cooker.

Contact us to purchase a hydrogen cooker product or read on for more information here.

9- Hydrogen internal conversion engine

The Pure Energy Centre convert internal combustion engines to run on hydrogen.

However, you need to know that not all engines can be converted.

As such, it is important for you to contact us here before embarking into the conversion of your engine.

Also note that you need a source of hydrogen gas before converting your engine, and as such, you may need to buy a hydrogen generator, compressor, and storage system as well as a refueling station.

10- Hydrogen monitoring system

Many of our customers buy this hydrogen monitoring feature because they want to gather the information in a digital format.

In fact, they want to know how many refills that have made in a month into vehicles, how much hydrogen has been produced and how much power was consumed, etc.

This is what our hydrogen monitoring system does.

It provides the information that you need for your management meetings showing the numbers are they are acquired from the field.

Contact us for more information about our hydrogen remote monitoring offering.