Jahanzeb Tariq Certified Solar Energy Expert

Jahanzeb Tariq hydrogen training course

From Pakistan, Jahanzeb Tariq is a certified Solar Energy Expert from the European Energy Center in Edinburgh, UK.

He has worked in the Solar PV Industry, in Pakistan, as a Design and Implementation Engineer, as a Business Development Executive, and as a Trainer on the topic to many industry professionals and University students.

He also holds experience in product development and has a deep understanding of the Global Solar PV market and its stakeholders.

Having worked in the industry as a consultant and an analyst, he puts his experiences and knowledge into cutting-edge research, addressing the industry problems.


What are Jahanzeb Tariq interests?

Jahanzeb’s interests mainly lie in Solar PV Plant optimization, large-scale and distributed storage for Variable Renewable Energy, Grid flexibility amidst rising share of VRE, and hydrogen as an energy carrier to enable sector coupling for energy efficiency and fighting of global warming.

He holds an Engineering Bachelor in Engineering Sciences and is currently pursuing his Masters in Energy and Environmental Management in Germany. With three international article publications on Solar Photovoltaics, Jahanzeb has been providing his advisory services to nurture start-ups such as in the Netherlands and had been involved in supervising Final Year Projects in Universities in Pakistan.

Along with being passionate for the Renewables, he has a knack of performing on-stage and is often known to impersonate Michael Jackson along with several other acts in mimes and plays. The passion translates to providing workshops on Dramatics and Career Counselling seminars in several educational Institutes.

Pure Energy Centre note on Tariq

Jahanzeb Tariq hydrogen training course certificate

Tariq has attended a month-long visit to Unst community and has also attended the Pure Energy Centre‘s world renown hydrogen energy training course.

He has done extremely well in learning the different aspect of hydrogen technologies and has been discussing many aspects of grid issues when using solar renewable energy and how these can be solved using hydrogen energy storage.

It is clear that Tariq has a passion for solar technologies and knows a lot about these. He is also highly knowledgeable on grid issues and has provided a strong input into a report on how to use hydrogen energy storage technologies within a weak grid for both transport and stationary applications.