Latest Feed-in Tariff for solar, wind and hydro

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The government has today made its decisions and announced the future of the Feed-in Tariff scheme. The good news is that the goverment has made modifications to the original proposals. These are based on evidence supplied by thousands of members of the renewable energy sector.

The main key points of the new feed in tariff are:

  • The initial cuts to domestic solar power tariffs have been revised and are better than initially documented. For solar PV installations  up to 10kW in size, the level of reduction predicted from 87% to 1.63p / kWh has been amended to a 64% cut. This means that the new tariff is  4.39p / kWh.
  • The tariff for solar PV schemes between 10 and 50kW has been reduced to 4.59p / kWh, rather than initially feared 3.69p / kWh.
  • Another good news if for the pre-accreditation for solar PV and wind generators over 50kW and all hydro as well as anaerobic digestion generators has been kept.
  • Of interest is a new banding of 50 – 100kW which has been introduced for wind power installations. The tariff of 8.54p / kWh is agreed.
  • In terms of the FIT for hydropower schemes, these have been reduced much more than orginally expected. The schemes of up to 100kW have been reduced to 8.54p / kWh. Those between 100-500kW have been reduced to 6.14p / kWh.

NOTE 1: The new tariffs will come into force on the 8th February.

NOTE 2: the deadline for projects to receive the current higher tariffs is now 15 January.

The below table provides the different changes to the Feed In Tariff:

New Feed In Tariff UK DECC 2015

The full documents with the above table depicting the different tariffs are available to download at