New Non Intrusive Grid Connected Solar System Installation Completed in Italy by Pure Energy Centre

Grid connected solar pv system kit in Italy by Pure Energy Centre with customer and electrician

UK, February. 25, 2016 – Pure Energy Centre today announces that they have successfully completed another GRID CONNECTED SOLAR installation in Italy with their novel non intrusive solar photovoltaic installation kit. The Solar Grid Connected installation will directly feed the Italian National grid with its solar photovoltaic power output.

The Pure Energy Centre, experts in ongrid and offgrid solar as well as wind energy, were contracted through a solar feasibility study to design an On grid solar system that can be installed easily on a concrete based flat roof. The customer wanted a non intrusive solution, where no holes are drilled in the roof.

The Pure Energy Centre Team investigated both the customer and house requirements in terms of installation constraints and sizing the solar photovoltaic panels.

What is the new solar photovoltaic fixing system?

The solution comprising blocks of concrete fabricated offsite was selected. These were then installed on top of the concrete roof. This concrete block solution is interesting in that there is no requirement to be fixed onto the flat roof using standard concrete type bolts, cutting out the need for drilling holes in the roof. This solution uses gravity as the means to ‘fix’ the solar system.

As soon as the concrete blocks were installed, the Solar photovoltaic panels were fixed them and the cables were run between the different panels and the electrical installation.

The electrical installation consisted of an inverter and a protection box. These were then connected to the grid. Our customer then benefited from the Italian Feed In Tariff, allowing him to receive an income from the electrical power output of the photovoltaic panels.

On grid solar photovoltaic system kit in italy by Pure Energy Centre with Criastiano LaconoSebastiano Serra, the Pure Energy Centre Customer, said ‘the production of the solar system is fantastic. I am using most of the solar generated electricity in my house. If I am not in the house, then the electricity is sold to the grid. This solar installation has dramatically reduced my electricity bills and is giving me an income.’

Vincenzo Ortisi, Senior Design Engineer of Pure Energy Centre, said ‘I am very pleased that we completed this project with our new non intrusive concrete solar photovoltaic blocks. The good thing about our system is that if Sebastiano wants to move house, he can take his solar photovoltaic system with him easily. I am now working with my team to supply our grid connected solar monitoring system and design other systems in South America and France.’

Criastiano Iacono, the PEC local expert electrician said “I have been really pleased to work with the team at Pure Energy Centre. This has been a great opportunity for learning new techniques for installing grid connected solar photovoltaic systems. I am delighted with the outcome of the project and I am sure that we will collaborate further in future solar and wind installations.”

Grid connected solar pv system kit in Italy by Pure Energy CentreElizabeth Johnson MBE, Pure Energy Centre Business Development Manager, added ‘on grid solar photovoltaic system is one of our best sellers. We have been selling these for many years. As an Accredited MCS installer, we are one of the few UK companies that are being asked to quote for on grid and off grid solar installation in Africa, South America, Europe (Italy, france, etc.), Middle East and South East Asia.’

She added ‘when I am asked by our potential solar photovoltaic customers, what is your unique selling point, I just have to mention that we have installed on grid and off grid solar photovoltaic systems in Shetland’s 160km/h wind conditions, and  the solar panels are on still on the roof! This gives our customers confidence in our design team. We are very pleased that Mr. Sebastiano Serra, our customer for this non intrusive solar photovoltaic, chose us to deliver this unique project ’

The Pure Energy Centre is continuing to develop ongrid and offgrid solar photovoltaic sites in Italy and North Africa as well as sub-Sahara Africa.

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About grid connected and non grid connected solar PV installation by Pure Energy Centre:

Pure Energy Centre is redefining the solar market with its adaptive ongrid and offgrid solar platform that can be used in conjunction with other energy storage technologies such as batteries and hydrogen fuel.

Pure Energy Centre solar offgrid photovoltaic solutions enable access to electricity for communities and individuals where there is no access to the grid.

The Pure Energy Centre solar technology provides offgrid house owners the means to resolve their electricity and lighting issues while allowing for effective storage of excess solar energy into batteries. The excess solar energy is used during the night time hours, where the batteries supply the house appliances.

At the same time Pure Energy Centre delivers superior energy storage technology versatility (hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, battery, etc), while simplifying business operations and lowering costs.

At the heart of the offgrid solar and energy storage platform is a large portfolio of intellectual property and trade secrets that allows the company to quickly respond customer’s needs.

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