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Pure N2 Compressor

Reliable and robust

To discuss our products and your requirements, please reach out to us and a member of Pure Energy Centre will be in touch

The Pure Energy Centre has been supplying nitrogen for over a decade.

The PureN2 nitrogen compressor series are robust, highly reliable proven nitrogen compressors. The PureN2 series has been designed to compress nitrogen and are currently applied in many different fields such as laser cutting, steel mill, oil field extraction with nitrogen gas re-injection, nitrogen pipeline and pipe purging, to elevate well production and vapor recovery

Benefits of our Nitrogen system includes:

– A NiPod (Nitrogen Pod) can be installed on each and everyone of your site.
– Our nitrogen generator can be sized up according to you site needs.
– No need for a nitrogen transportation and distribution network.
– Reduction in maintenance cost for trucks.
– Increase productivity.
– No need for liquid nitrogen, reducing costs substantially .
– NiPod can be transported to other sites when the site is in operation modes

Specification and Pricing


Between £40,000 to £300,000. Can go higher for a very large nitrogen

Quality Assurance

We produce excellent durable nitrogen compressors which are CE marked. Our compressors have been installed in many locations around Europe and beyond.

Installation, Supply & Management

Optionally packaged for easy installation

Maintenance & Monitoring

5 year maintenance contracts available are available. Pure Energy Centre also offer remote monitoring, allowing us to support customers and clients worldwide.


Our Nitrogen Compressor Solution

A complete nitrogen compressor solution consists of the following:

Pure N2 Nitrogen Compressor

Power conditioning Unit

Compressor cooling system

Ccontrol and monitoring Unit

Summary of our most commonly purchased nitrogen compressors

PureN2 Model

Max N2 Production @ 97% purity

Max N2 Production @ 99.999% purity

TBC by Pure



TBC by Pure



TBC by Pure



TBC by Pure