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Nitrogen Storage



Nitrogen storage system


Our Nitrogen Storage offer

We offer various sizes of nitrogen storage systems. We can supply small sizes, large ones such as the 200 bar K-Type cylinder, tailored made ones and nitrogen Multipack Compressed Cylinders (MCP) . The most common requirements are single cylinders, and then nitrogen manifold cylinder pack of 12 cylinders and 49 cylinders. We can do other configurations for your specific requirements. Contact us for more on our nitrogen storage offer.

Each cylinder has a maximum void space capacity. The K-Type cylinder will have  50 litres of void space and a nitrogen storage pressure rating of 200 bar. See below the technical characteristics of the proposed cylinders.

Manifold Cylinder Packs – Nitrogen Storage Pack

The 200 bar nitrogen Manifold Cylinder Packs (MCP) are designed and manufactured to be easily transported and moved by both a forklift and/or crane. The MCP frame has attachments on the top to allow easy lifting by crane, and framing at the bottom to allow easy forklift truck access. Please see our Hydrogen Storage web page for an example picture of our MCPs.

Nitrogen Storage Pod (NiStoPod)

Our Nitrogen Storage Pod (see picture example) provides the perfect means to tranport nitrogen storage cylinders without attracting attention. It also allows to simplify the storage of nitrogen from an onsite nitrogen generator. The nitrogen storage system is installed a 20″ container (possibility for a 40″ container) providing a safe environment for operating a nitrogen storage system in a highly industrial site.

Nitrogen Storage Pod


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