Norway ahead of the pack in banning Petrol, Diesel and Hybrid Cars by 2025

It is clear that the Norwegian government is way ahead of any other country in developing low carbon policies. They want to get petrol, diesel and hybrid cars out of the roads by 2025.

The news comes from the report described in a Norwegian newspaper ‘Dagens Næringsliv’. This is an incredible news and taking everyone by surprise. New laws will be in place to support such a move to greener transport.

Despite this shift away from hydrocarbons, the new laws will not ban existing hydrocarbon-based vehicles. The idea is to stop all local car dealers selling new diesel or petrol vehicles.

But the idea does not stop there, by stoping the sells of petrol cars, fuelling stations will need to adapt to the new demand. This will push station owners to innovate and support new financial models with fast charging points for electric vehicles and hydrogen fuelling stations. At the same time, the old model of hydrocarbon petrol station will disappear. Funny enough, Norway is a major oil and gas country, having major reserves in the North Sea.

Pure Energy Centre Green Hydrogen Fuelling Station at H2seed Facility

Hydrogen fuelling station installed by Pure Energy Centre at the H2SEED Facility

The Norwegian Government has seen the writing on the wall. They know that oil and gas will not last them forever and they are betting for a long term solution to their transport infrastructure which at the same time targets climate change.

Elizabeth Johnson MBE and Pure Energy Centre Business Development Manager said, ‘this is a very brave move for a country and I am sure that many will follow. If we want to target climate change, there is a real need for a shift away from hydrocarbon fuel within the transport sector. This will reduce emissions, but not only that, it will also reduce smog and most importantly reduce sickness and death associated with these emissions.’

Norway is already leading in green technology within the transport sector. They have the largest fleet of electric vehicles per head of inhabitants. The numbers are amazing. About one in four cars sold use an electric motor. They are also looking at hydrogen solutions.

Dagens Næringsliv newspaper says that the new laws are currently only at the proposal stage. But still, having a Government investigating the ban of hydrocarbon vehicles is incredible, especially given that Norway economy is heavily based on hydrocarbons. Who would have thought so? However, it seems that there is a majority understanding within the political arena for the law to be agreed and accepted within a short time scale.

Looking globally, only the Netherlands have made such an advancement in greening the transport sector. Hopefully, many more countries will soon join the ban wagon and we will all benefit from clean air, better transport, and much better health.


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