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Oxygen Compressor



Oxygen Compressor

Our Oxygen Compressor offer

  • Price: Between £40,000 to £300,000. Can go higher for a very large oxygen compressor.
  • Production: Wide range of oxygen compression options (i.e., 30 bar, 200 bar, etc)
  • Proven record: Oxygen compressors installed in many locations around Europe.
  • Maintenance: 5 year maintenance contracts available.
  • Monitoring: Oxygen compressor remote monitoring available.
  • Installation: Optionally packaged for easy installation
  • Quality assurance: Oxygen compressors are CE marked.
  • Contact us on +44 (0) 1957 711 410 for more informaton on our oxygen compressors.

PureO2 oxygen compressor

The Pure Oxygen Compressor (PureO2) series are robust, highly reliable proven oxygen compressors. The PureO2 compressor series has been designed to compress oxygen and are currently applied in many different fields such as life support, diving, welding where oxygen is mixed with acetylene (oil field pipe welding, garages welding, steel welding for construction yard, etc), smelting of iron (O2 is injected in a high-pressure lance into molten iron – this removes sulfur impurities and most excess carbon), ethylene oxide (a product used to produce glycol and other chemical products) and many other industrial processes. A complete oxygen compressor system consists of the following:

– The Pure Oxygen compressor (PureO2 compressor)
– The Pure Oxygen power conditioning unit
– The PureO2 cooling system
– The PureO2 control and monitoring Unit and the safety system
oxygen compressor small version
Our Oxygen compressors are suitable for all type of application and depending on your requirements, we can provide the best oxygen compressor fitting your needs.


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