Pure Energy Centre Announces Participation in Building Bridges Connecting Scotland International Communities

Pure Energy Centre today announced that the company plans to participate in the Building Bridges Connecting Scotland with its International Communities Conference in Edinburgh.

The Pure Energy Centre will actively participate to the Conference by discussing, sharing and presenting its latest African network and how they develop international links with local businesses, public agencies, NGOs as well as universities on March 17, 2015 at 11.15 am.

International attendees to the Pure Energy Centre renewable hydrogen technologies training
International attendees to the Pure Energy Centre renewable hydrogen technologies training

The Pure Energy Centre has been asked to speak in front of a panel of experts to provide the company’s experience in developing key networks at international level and how these networks take time and effort to build. It will discuss the need for strong business to business bound in ethics and the importance of the ‘human factor’ that is required to develop new business alliances.

Dr. Ross Gazey, Technical Director of Pure Energy Centre, said ‘We started many years ago developing a very strong network in Europe and then went on to building further links in Africa and South America. We are now working in Asia and Middle East and hope to get to work in Australia and New Zealand soon. We have always believed that our knowledge, skills and expertise are needed at global level and have worked hard to go out and make sure that people hear about us. This conference is exactly what we are looking for in terms of sharing our knowledge and I am sure we will also be learning from others. We are always for the look out in new means of enhancing the company and what I can say is that the contacts that are developed with others whether nationally or internationally are every company’s lifeblood. We look forward to the conference’.

Vincenzo Ortisi, Senior Sales Engineer of Pure Energy Centre, said ‘I joined many years ago the Pure Energy Centre to apply my hydrogen and fuel cell knowledge as I have a patent in these technologies. However, I have been happily surprised by how much the company invested in me in a knowledge transfer program (KTP) so that I can develop further my skills in hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen technologies. I am now responsible for international sales and this conference will be a must attend conference if we want as a business to continue developing our international sales.’

The conference include very high level speakers such as Sir Brian Souter, Businessman and philanthropist; Elizabeth Linder, Government & Politics Specialist for Europe, Middle East and Africa, Facebook; Sandy Kennedy, CEO, Entrepreneurial Scotland; Karen Watt, Director of External Affairs, Scottish Government; Jamie Coleman, Managing Director of Codebase; and Roddy Gow, Chairman, Asia Scotland Institute amongst many others.

The conference will include a variety of business leaders, public bodies, social entrepreneurs, cultural and sporting bodies, and academia.  It will be an opportunity for the Pure Energy Centre and attendees to meet with a range of public agencies, business associations and other organisations to discuss the possible shape and content of Scotland’s international engagement.

Further editorial information About Pure Energy Centre:

Pure Energy Centre is redefining the renewable market with its adaptive energy storage platform that can be used in conjunction with smart grids. Pure Energy Centre storage solutions enable the consolidation of weak grids enabling for further and quicker deployment of renewable (wind, solar, marine energy, etc).

The Pure Energy Centre technology provides grid owners the means to resolve their balancing issues while allowing for an effective use of excess energy in both the transport and stationary applications. At the same time Pure Energy Centre delivers superior energy storage technology versatility (hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, battery, etc), while simplifying business operations and lowering costs with tangible smart grid and virtual power plants benefits. At the heart of the energy storage platform is a large portfolio of intellectual property and trade secrets that allows the company to quickly respond customer’s needs.

The Pure Energy Centre supply solutions around the world with customers in South Africa, South America, Asia and Europe. For more information about Pure Energy Centre, visit www.pureenergycentre.com. The Pure Energy Centre, Pure Energy, PURE, and Pure Hydrogen are trademarks or registered trademarks of Pure Energy Centre. Other trade names or words used in this document are the properties of their respective owners.

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