Pure Energy Centre Announces Participation in Safe Hydrogen Power In Brussels

Shetland, UK, March. 26, 2015 – Pure Energy Centre today announced that the company will participate in the Safe H Power (Safe Hydrogen Power) workshop in Brussels.

Hydrogen storage safety
Carbon Fiber Hydrogen Storage Used For The Safe H Power Project

The Pure Energy Centre will actively participate to the workshop by sharing and presenting its latest progress on hydrogen safety for hydrogen storage systems on March 27, 2015.

The Pure Energy Centre has been asked to speak in front of a panel of experts to provide a summary of what are the latest hydrogen storage testing technologies that can improve the safety case of storage systems.

The company’s experience in developing key hydrogen safety systems worldwide for its customers will be shared during the event. The presentation will focus on the current and future opportunities as well as the needs for new portable pressure and rupture testing equipment that will prevent incidents.

The Pure Energy Centre will discuss the business case and the safety case for the newly proposed Safe H Power control monitoring and testing hydrogen storage system.

Dr. Ross Gazey, Technical Director of Pure Energy Centre, said ‘We are delighted to be part of the Safe H Power project. This project is unique in that it focuses on increasing the safety of hydrogen tanks. We all know that the certification of hydrogen tanks is probably the best in the world when it comes to checking and verifying the safety case of hydrogen cylinders. What the Safe H Power project aims at is to increase this by developing a portable hydrogen tank integrity system.’

He added ‘currently all of the hydrogen tanks and other gas cylinders test equipment do not aim at verifying the integrity of the different tanks liners. The Safe H Power will resolve this by providing an innovative portable solution. Having a portable version for testing hydrogen canisters will allow the professionals to check the integrity of tanks in the field, hence substantially reducing the cost in shipping good.’

Elizabeth Johnson MBE, Pure Energy Centre Business Development Manager, said ‘I am very happy to be delivering the presentation at the Safe H Power workshop. What I will be speaking about is critical for the industry. I will not be focused on the technology itself, but more on the opportunities for the Safe H Power project and where we need to focus our future efforts to make cylinders, tanks, and canisters safer to use. The technology being developed in this project will not only be relevant to hydrogen storage technologies. It will also be highly relevant for all of the storage types, and therefore we are very excited to be able to demonstrate the different market potential for this technology.’

The workshop will include representatives from the European Commission through the FP7 programme.  It will also have representatives from the UK, Greece and Turkey demonstrating the international attention that hydrogen storage safety in particular and the wider storage industry in general is bringing.

Further editorial information About Pure Energy Centre:

Pure Energy Centre is redefining the renewable market with its adaptive energy storage platform that can be used in conjunction with smart grids. Pure Energy Centre storage solutions enable the consolidation of weak grids enabling for further and quicker deployment of renewable (wind, solar, marine energy, etc).

The Pure Energy Centre technology provides grid owners the means to resolve their balancing issues while allowing for an effective use of excess energy in both the transport and stationary applications. At the same time Pure Energy Centre delivers superior energy storage technology versatility (hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, battery, etc), while simplifying business operations and lowering costs with tangible smart grid and virtual power plants benefits.

At the heart of the energy storage platform is a large portfolio of intellectual property and trade secrets that allows the company to quickly respond customer’s needs including hydrogen safety mechanisms.  The Pure Energy Centre supply solutions around the world with customers in South Africa, South America, Asia and Europe.

For more information about Pure Energy Centre, visit www.pureenergycentre.com.

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About Safe H Power:

The consortium of the SAFE H POWER project has been formed to address the need for safe hydrogen storage tanks by developing innovative technology, which will be able to monitor the creation and growth of fatigue cracks on the tank wall and will provide the capability to intervene before major accidents occur.

related link: http://www.safehpower.eu/