Pure Energy Centre Launches a World  Leading Report

UK, July 03, 2018 – The Hydrogen Fuel, Renewable and Energy Storage company, Pure Energy Centre (PEC), the UK’s most northerly Energy Company announces it will participate at the Hylantic 2018 Conference.

The PEC will also launch its latest “Innovative and safe hydrogen storage systems” world-class report at the conference.

Pure Energy Centre Hylantic report launch
Pure Energy Centre launch report at the Hylantic 2018 conference

The Hylantic 2018 conference

The conference on Atlantic Network for Renewable Generation and Supply of Hydrogen to promote High Energy Efficiency – HYLANTIC takes place in Dublin, Ireland at the world’s renowned Dublin City University.

This conference has attracted experts from all over the world to present their work on hydrogen technologies.

The Hylantic 2018 conference will host high profile universities, businesses, and research centres.

There are a lot of presentations including from the following entities:

  • University of Cantabria (Spain).
  • University of Porto (Universidade Do Porto – Portugal).
  • Ulster University (Northern Ireland)
  • Dublin City University (DCU – Ireland)
  • Centre National de la Recherche Scientific (CNRS – France)
  • The National Laboratory for Energy and Solar (LNEG – Portugal) that was awarded the “HR excellence in research” logo from the European Commission
  • Ulemco Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • Apria Systems S.L.  (Spain)
  • Auriga Energy Ltd (United Kingdom)
  • A. Silva Matos Metalomecânica (ASMM – Portugal)
  • The Pure Energy Center, (United Kingdom).

Hylantic, financed by the Interreg Atlantic Area (AA) Programme, main motivation is to address global energy issues.

The aim of the Hylantic 2018 conference

The aim is to focus on defining a set of novel sustainable and energy efficient solutions. The overal idea is to store excess renewable energy as hydrogen.

The objective is to provide key information to the member of the public by identifying the bottleneck issues and listing a set of solutions.

As such the overall objective of the project is to establish an excellent TRANSNATIONAL NETWORK to advance the R&D, implementation, and commercialisation of HYDROGEN as an energy vector for future power generation in the ATLANTIC AREA.

The other aim of the project is to demonstrate and validate some of the hydrogen technologies that are currently at market entry levels.

For instance, the project will trial a novel hydrogen internal combustion engine

It will also test a new type of hydrogen storage system.

Hylantic conference attendees will learn about the progress of each partner to the project within the AA region.

The progress will focus on land transport and marine transport.

Hylantic 2018 conference will also discuss ultra-low energy building supply, and/or portable and stationary devices.

The Pure Energy Centre role at the conference

The Pure Energy Center (PEC) will speak about its first major deliverable to the project.

The PEC has produced a world-leading report titled “Innovative and safe hydrogen storage systems” in collaboration with Porto University, the National Laboratory for Energy and Solar and Ulster University.

It is this report that will be presented and launched at the Hylantic Conference.

The report describes the state-of-the-art and technological bottlenecks in the safety and efficiency of hydrogen systems and infrastructure for marine and coastal applications, an area that has been undermined in the last few years.

Elizabeth Johnson MBE, Business Development Manager at Pure Energy Center said “We are very pleased to have been given the opportunity to participate at the Hylantic Conference. I am also really happy that we will be officially launching our report. A lot of work has been undertaken by my team to produce this world leading document. Finally, but not least, I am thankful to the European Atlantic Area Programme for supporting the renewable hydrogen agenda through the Hylantic Project”.

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Further editorial information about Hylantic:

The Atlantic Network for Renewable Generation and Supply of Hydrogen to promote High Energy Efficiency – HYLANTIC project addresses global energy issues and focuses on the challenge of ensuring a sustainable and efficient energy supply with low carbon emissions.

This project aims to establish an excellent transnational network to advance the R&D, implementation, and commercialisation of hydrogen as an energy vector for future power generation in the Atlantic Area, thus providing energy-efficient solutions to strategic sectors in the Atlantic region such as transport, marine, ultra-low energy building supply, and/or portable and stationary devices.


Further editorial information About Pure Energy Center:

Pure Energy Center (PEC) is redefining the energy market with a hydrogen filling station that operates both at 700 bar and 350 bar. It is supporting the transport sector and fleet owners such as councils, businesses, supermarkets, logistic companies in greening their fleet by offering green hydrogen fuel. Currently, the PEC is supporting hydrogen projects in Asia, Africa, Europe, and South America.

The PEC provides solutions to the oil and gas market with its adaptive CNG, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen platform of knowledge and system. The platform consists of H2, O2 and N2 generators, compressors, storage systems, HSE, amongst many others.

Pure Energy Centre USP in nitrogen and oxygen solutions is the production, compression, and storage of these gases at the point of use. This reduces the need for importing the gases, reducing CO2 emissions and increasing operational efficiency of oil rigs. The PEC solution reduces the need for difficult to obtain gas transport authorizations in many countries.

The Pure Energy Center support micro, medium and large organizations in South Africa, South America, Asia and Europe.

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