Pure Energy Centre – Official Launch of SafeHpower Project

Pure Energy Centre - Official Launch of SafeHpower Project
Pure Energy Centre – Official Launch of SafeHpower Project

The Pure Energy Centre is delighted to announce the official launch of the European FP7 supported SafeHpower Project. The aim of the SAFE H POWER project is to provide  reliable and cost effective continuous monitoring solution hydrogen storage tanks. The goal is to monitoring the integrity of hydrogen cylinders at central depots, hydrogen service stations and on hydrogen fuel cell vehicles i.e. at every point of hydrogen storage use.

The official launch of the project was held in Port Talbot by TWI on the 25th and 26th of February 2014 with representatives from all partners. The partnership is very well balanced and complementary. The SafeHpower consortium consists of four RTD organisations, three SMEs, and one Large Enterprise involved in the project as an end-user.

The consortium is ideally placed to deliver this project because it forms a supply chain of great synergy concerned with all aspects of the hydrogen fuel supply chain, AE monitoring and neutron radiography. It includes a hydrogen tank and fuel cell provider (PEC) as a project supporter and a manufacturer of thermoplastic and vehicle fuel tanks (Floteks).

The consortium is represented in four different countries. They constitute a broad representation of companies and organisations involved in NDT, electronics, data communication, modelling/simulation, and real time radiography equipment manufacturer. The SMEs provide direct access to the problems that European SMEs have in the non-invasive inspection, electronics and automation sectors.

Why SafeHPower project?

H2 is the most promising replacement fuel for road transport due to its abundance, efficiency, low carbon footprint and the absence of other harmful emissions. Until recently, the cost of fuel cell technology was a significant barrier for the mass production of hydrogen vehicles but not anymore due to the US advancements in the field. However, the mass producers of hydrogen vehicles will need to convince customers of their safety in order for the mass markets of hydrogen power to take off. The development of efficient safety assurance systems for hydrogen storage will define the lead players of the transport and energy fields in the immediate future.

The safety issues surrounding hydrogen use are mostly based on the number of accidents and injuries that have already occurred during the storage and transport of H2 caused by tank rupture. This has usually been as a result of the ready hydrogen diffusion through composite structural materials or the structural degradation of metals by hydrogen embrittlement. The reported hydrogen incident rate (involving leaks, ruptures, fires and explosions) across the world is around 300 incidents per annum involving 50 deaths. It is logical to assume that the expected increase in fuel cell installation by 2015 will be accompanied by a rise in the number of accidents. Unfortunately, the current solutions of mechanically protecting the tanks or detecting the incidence of rupture before major damage is done are neither efficient nor economically viable for vehicles or hydrogen stations.

The SMEs participating in the SafeHPower project have anticipated the problem with hydrogen tank safety and decided to propose a new technology which will be able to inspect the material of the tanks, detect any defects that could lead to rupture or cracking and warn of the immediate danger before an accident occurs. SAFE H POWER will address this need by developing a system based on the combined use of neutron radiography and acoustic emission (AE) monitoring.

The Pure Energy Centre is participating in this project as an end user, solution provider and identification of research potential.

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