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Pure Oxygen Monitoring - Pure Energy Centre
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Pure Oxygen Monitoring




Pure Oxygen Monitoring System Portal

The internet based Pure Oxygen Monitoring System offers enhanced oxygen solution performance monitoring and yield assurance by detecting faults and alerts you instantaneously. We provide solutions at oxygen generator, oxygen compressor module and oxygen storage level depending on your requirements. The collected data can be transmitted over GPRS the regular internet communication lines in your home, business, community or factory if need be.

We also provide pure oxygen monitoring system solutions for the welding and health sectors. This include tailored pure oxygen system monitoring, customised oxygen control and monitoring systems and oxygen leak detection and shut down systems.


Our Pure Oxygen Monitoring System offer

  • Optional Pure Oxygen Monitoring System logged data stored in dual hardrive
  • Easy to retrieve oxygen data via GPRS
  • Bespoke software available (pure oxygen production, oxygen system temperature, oxygen system energy consumption, pure oxygen flow, pure oxygen production related faults, pure oxygen compressor and storage status, etc)
  • 24/7 pure oxygen system supply solution available
  • Pure Oxygen monitoring system fault detection and instantaneous alerts
  • Iphone or other type of phones oxygen monitoring software developed specifically for you to check on your pure oxygen installation wherever and whenever you wish to do so


Our Pure Oxygen Monitoring System features:

  • Enables generation of simple reports of on site’s pure oxygen production, consumption and status
  • Display technical performance of one or many of our Pure Oxygen Production systems – Note that we are able to develop a pure oxygen monitoring system for third party products. Contact us to enquire.
  • Presents historical data and comparative analysis diagnostics can be produced. All data is logged and can be securely reviewed and analyzed at any time from any location!
  • Pure Oxygen Monitoring System Graphs make it easy for installers to see if an installed oxygen system is operating  properly
  • Allows access to historical oxygen data

The above features allow oxygen system integrators, installers, maintenance staff, and system owners to improve the site performance, identify system’s issue, determine if the site’s oxygen production output is appropriate and reduce maintenance costs by increasing system up-time though preventive maintenance and resolving faults as and when they occur by receiving system faults alarms.

With the smart phone application (iphone and other smart phone makers), we ensure that you can visualise the output of the oxygen system installation on the go and with one single click.


Click here to find products that can be used with our pure oxygen monitoring system offer.