Richard Sseruwagi motivated by energy

Richard Sseruwagi Hydrogen training courseRichard Sseruwagi, who has an electrical engineering background, is a Ugandan energy engineer and entrepreneur who has worked in the Ugandan energy and energy services sector.

He carries cross-cutting expertise in renewable energy project development, business development, and the energy industry.

As of 2019, he is a student at Flensburg University under the M.Eng. Energy and Environmental Management Program.

Richard’s interests are renewable fuelled microgrids (energy access), power systems control and management, energy trading and energy finance.

He also has a great entrepreneurial appetite, and this has translated into a couple of projects in East Africa in energy access.

‘Like mini-grids, I perceive that hydrogen generated from sources such as municipal solid waste has the potential to democratise energy access and storage.’

Away from work, Richard spends his time playing a guitar, reading, coding and a bit comedy.

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Pure Energy Centre note on Richard Sseruwagi

Richard Sseruwagi Hydrogen and fuel cell training course and solar installation

At the Pure Energy Centre, Richard participated in a training course on hydrogen technologies at our office in Unst in March 2019.

He, later on, applied part of the knowledge acquired during the course in completing a pre-feasibility study for renewable heating and the possibility of implementing a hydrogen economy on an island.

The questions asked during the training course and his focus on delivering the pre-feasibility study clearly demonstrated his character in identifying opportunities.

This also showed determination at documenting these into a document in the appropriate method and with the appropriate information to support the claims made throughout the report.

During the course, Richard demonstrated very strong knowledge and background engineering in electrical engineering.

He used this knowledge and the one acquired during the course to investigate the heating element of the study.

At times, he also made reference to financials and their impact into the viability of a project, which is an important part of an engineer’s career.

At the Pure Energy Centre, we are proud to have had Mr. Richard Sseruwagi onboard learning about hydrogen storage, hydrogen production, hydrogen stations, and renewable technologies as well as some strategies as to how to apply these in the real world.