SAFE H POWER demonstration on hydrogen storage safety

Hydrogen storage tank safety

The Pure Energy Centre is delighted to announce its participation at the SafeHPower demonstration on continuous monitoring systems for the SAFE storage, distribution and usage of Hydrogen POWER for transport and stationary applications.

The Pure Energy Centre has been participating in a consortium of hydrogen safety experts for the development of an Acoustic Emission system that allows the continuous monitoring of hydrogen tanks in vehicles.

This developed safety system has been tested for crack detection in large and bulk hydrogen storage tanks, illustrating its easiness and effectiveness.

Hydrogen bulk Storage tank

During the event two demonstrations will be undertaken including a transport and stationary application with a slideshow to show the neutron radiography technology.

In summary, the SafeHPower project has been undertaken with funding from the European Union’s Seventh Framework programme to address the need for safe hydrogen tanks. The project objectives are to develop technologies capable of monitoring the creation and growth of fatigue cracks on hydrogen tanks, and provide the capability to intervene before major accidents occur.

Hydrogen monitoring storage system for a building

Two prototypes, based on acoustic emission (AE) technology, have been developed for the continuous monitoring of hydrogen tanks for hydrogen vehicles and large storage tanks.

The prototypes are fully functional, and the demonstration will take place on the 22nd of January 2016 at TWI’s headquarters in Cambridge, UK. We would very much like to welcome you to this event. Please find the agenda and venue details attached with this letter.

For any more details about the event, accommodation etc. please contact me, or Malini Vieyra (

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