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Solar Offgrid - Pure Energy Centre

Solar Offgrid

We supply best priced solar offgrid PV systems while maintaining high levels of product quality

Below is our typical solar offgrid system

Solar offgrid Pure Energy Centre

Our Solar OffGrid Kits Offer:

  • We sell a range of standard solar photovoltaic Off-Grid Kits.
  • Our top sale products range from 1kW up to 5kW solar offgrid system. We can supply much larger custom based systems. Anything above the 1kW to 5kW Offgrid solar system range, please contact us directly.
  • We provide complete Off-Grid AC solutions so that you do not need to find specific DC equipment.
  • In our solar offgrid kit, we supply solar panels, battery bank, inverter and battery charger. An optional generator can also be supplied.
  • We supply the appropriate hooks for your specific tiles. You tell us what type of tiles you have and we can supply you with the appropriate hooks, aluminium type frame and wiring.
  • Optional: we can provide tailored solutions with charge controllers / regulators for PV systems, Grid tie inverters (for ongrid solar solutions) and mounting systems for PV as well as complete monitoring systems.

The top 5 best selling solar offgrid systems 


OffGrid AC Solar Power SystemPV Array size (Watts)Price* (£)
1KW Solar PV Off Grid Kit1,0003,499.00
2KW Solar PV Off Grid Kit2,0004,499.00
3KW Solar PV Off Grid Kit3,2007,399.00
4KW Solar PV Off Grid Kit4,0008,599.00
5KW Solar PV Off Grid Kit4,80010,499.00

*Prices do not include shipping, installation or applicable taxes (VAT or other) and solar prices may change daily due to the nature of the exchange rates.

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