Solar photovoltaic panel installation in Shetland

The Pure Energy Centre is a Solar Photovoltaic Panel Installer in Shetland. We provide complete Solar PV Installation services for the public, private and business sectors.

Solar PV installation Shetland by the Pure Energy Centre

The Team at the Pure Energy Centre held the UK MCS accreditation for installing solar panels on top of your Shetland’s roofs. Our team is also accredited to install solar systems on the ground if you prefer this option.

All our installation are performed to the highest standard in both the mechanical and electrical sides. In fact, we hold the UK NICEIC electrical certification so that we can directly certify all of our projects.

We provide the full cycle of any Shetland project, from the design work, to the mechanical solar installation, while performing the solar electrical wiring and testing, up to the final commissioning.

We take care of all of the different stages of the solar project so that you do not need to worry.

Why choose the Pure Energy Centre?

What we do at the Pure Energy Centre is to select the most appropriate hardware for our well known Shetland weather conditions.

In fact, after 10 years of installations across the Shetland Islands, the Pure Energy Centre is proud to say that not a single one of its installed solar panel has blown away from the installation. And this is true even during the worse winter wind and rainy weather conditions.

The team at the Pure Energy Centre are also proud to say that all of the solar installations performed in Shetland have over delivered in power production for the different owners.

And as well as being solar panel installers in the Shetland Islands, we have delivered projects all over the UK and the world. The Pure Energy Centre has won contracts for designing, installing and commissioning solar PV installations in Shetland, Brazil, Italy, Morroco, France, Algeria and Tunisia.

This demonstrates the high level of expertise that the Pure Energy Centre team has in solar technologies. Our team takes into account all of the aspects of the installation including the local weather conditions. Using the knowledge built throughout the years, we can provide you with the best available advice for your local installation. Just contact us for more information on 01957 711 410 or by filling the form by clicking here.

Where are our Solar photovoltaic panel installations in Shetland?

In Shetland, the Pure Energy Centre has installed solar Panels in Sumburgh for a number of private house owners. Below are a set of pictures of some of the Shetland installations in Sumburgh:

Solar photovoltaic panel installer in Shetland

Shetland solar installation Sumburgh

We have also installed solar panels in Lerwick for and on behalf of the Shetland Island Council. The below picture illustrates the solar PV installation at the Edward Thomason house, Shetland Island Council in Lerwick:

Edward Thomason house Shetland Island Council solar PV installation in Lerwick

Other installations are in the North Parts of Shetland with several systems fully commissioned as per the below pictures:

Solar PV installation ins Shetland

Solar panels installation in Shetland

In addition to this list, we are more than happy to service other Shetland areas on request, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your inquiry by clicking here and fill up the form.

Why do I want to install solar panels on my roof?

There are many reasons why you may want to install solar panels on your Shetland’s home. The first reason is the financial one. The Pure Energy Centre is able to ensure that most of the electrical power generated by the solar panels is used in your home. By doing this, we are able to reduce your electrical bills throughout the year.

The second reason is to improve your house energy rating. By installing solar panels, you reduce your dependence from the grid electrical network. So by just installing these panels, you automatically improve your house energy rating.

The third reason is related to the environment. By producing your own solar electricity, then you are not dependent on hydrocarbon generated power. As such, you reduce your direct impact on the environment.

If you are thinking about installing solar panels on top of your roof or on your land, why not call us at 01957 711 410 or fill in our contact form? We would be very happy to speak you through your future installation.

We look forward to installing your Shetland Solar Installation in the near future.