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 Solar power photovoltaic

A solar power photovoltaic system as installed by Pure Energy Centre


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To capture solar power, one needs to use a Solar PV. Solar PV, also known as Photovoltaic or Solar PV, is a solar technology that converts day light into electricity. Simply, solar PV converts energy from the sun to generate electrical power. This power can then be used to operate electrical appliances and lighting systems in a home.

Below Summarises The Terminology commonly used for Solar Power PV

Solar Power PV Cell

Solar PV Cell is what is known as a solid state device, which converts  sunlight or daylight energy directly into electrical power

Solar PV Panel

A Solar PV Panel, sometimes also called a Solar PV module, is a panel that is composed of several Solar PV Cells.

Solar PV Array

A Solar PV Array, also called Solar Array, is an array of solar panels connected together.

Solar PV Survey

A Solar PV Survey is required when one wants to install Solar PV system. The survey looks at the type of roof, the types of hooks that needs to be used, the number of hooks, the type of solar inverter and the grid connection avaible amongst many other things.

Solar PV Orientation

A good Solar PV Orientation is a must when installing a Solar PV System. Preferred orientation is to install a Solar Photovoltaic system on a South Faced Roof, with East and West oriented roof also accepted. North Orientation is to be avoided in the North  Hemisphere.

PV Installation

Though you can to your own installation, it is highly recommended that you use a Solar PV Installer that is accredited to perform the Solar installation. For instance an accredited installer must hold the Microgeneration Certification Scheme certificate so that you can qualify for UK Feed in Tariffs. In other countries, there are other forms of accreditations.

Solar PV Inverter

A Solar PV Inverter convert the direct current (DC) coming out from a Solar Panel to alternating current (AC) that can be feed to your grid network.

Basics for a solar power PV System installation

For the installation of a Solar PV array, it is recommended to have an unshaded section of roof, with south or near south orientation. Of importance, the roof should be large enough to accommodate the Solar PV modules. There are times where there is a need for a roof structural analusys to make sure that the roof can withhold the weight of the Solar Panels and the extra forces applied to the roof when there is wind.

Selling solar power electricity to the grid

The Electricity generated by a Solar Photovoltaic can be sold to the grid. Every country has its own method for this. In the UK, for instance, the UK government has created a scheme called the Feed in Tariffs scheme (FIT). This FIT scheme qualifies individuals, groups or companies to  install Solar Power PV and benefit from a 20 year Government guaranteed income.


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