Successful Offgrid Solar Installation In Italy by Pure Energy Centre

Pure Energy Centre is successfull in installing an off grid solar system in Italy

Shetland, UK, February. 02, 2016Pure Energy Centre today announces that the company has successfully completed another solar offgrid installation in Italy. The solar offgrid installation will supply a complete house with electricity and lighting.

The Pure Energy Centre, experts in ongrid and offgrid solar as well as wind energy, were contracted to design an offgrid solar system that can be installed easily on a house roof. They investigated the house requirements for energy and offered one of their standard offgrid solar system.

The system consists of a set of solar panels, a set of batteries for storing the solar energy, and two converters.  The first converter allows the battery bank to be charged from the electricity generated by the solar panels. The second converter allows the energy from the battery to be extracted and converted to electricity for use within the house.

Nat Lemieux, the Pure Energy Centre Customer, said ‘I would like to extend a very sincere thank you for all of your assistance and guidance throughout the planning and purchase of our offgrid solar package.

My wife and I have spent the last 5 years researching offgrid solar panels and related systems and we are very glad to have chosen to work with you and your colleagues at Pure Energy Centre. Your customised planning and personal approach to the project was perfect and it was very nice to have phone calls and emails answered very promptly. 

All the components supplied were of first rate quality and have been running flawlessly. It has been such a pleasure not to burn diesel or listen to a generator. By far the best thing I have ever purchased and very glad it was from Pure Energy Centre. Thanks again’

Vincenzo Ortisi, Senior Design Engineer of Pure Energy Centre, said ‘We are delighted to be expanding our offgrid solar offering to Southern European countries and I am very happy that we are engaging with other potential customers in France, Italy and Africa.’

Elizabeth Johnson MBE, Pure Energy Centre Business Development Manager, added ‘When you look at our solar offgrid offering, we are very unique. We have installed ongrid and offgrid solar systems in Shetland’s most stringent weather conditions, with wind speed exceeding 100km/h (70mph), and  the solar panels are on still on the roof.’

She added ‘ This solar installation in Italy used our knowledge working on high wind speed sites, where we needed to make sure that the solar panels were fixed with specialised hooks. These hooks allow us to ensure that the solar panels are fixed very well to the roof to cope with any extreme weather conditions.  We supply a range of solar technologies and we choose the best solar panels depending on the location. In Italy, the summers are very hot, and therefore not all solar panels can cope with this.’

The Pure Energy Centre is developing other solar sites in Italy and North Africa as well as sub-Sahara Africa.

About Pure Energy Centre:

Pure Energy Centre is redefining the solar market with its adaptive ongrid and offgrid solar platform that can be used in conjunction with other energy storage technologies such as batteries and hydrogen fuel.
Pure Energy Centre solar offgrid solutions enable access to electricity for communities and individuals where there is no access to the grid.

The Pure Energy Centre technology provides offgrid house owners the means to resolve their electricity and lighting issues while allowing for an effective storage of excess solar energy into batteries. The excess energy is used during night hours, where the batteries supply the house appliances.

At the same time Pure Energy Centre delivers superior energy storage technology versatility (hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, battery, etc), while simplifying business operations and lowering costs.
At the heart of the offgrid solar and energy storage platform is a large portfolio of intellectual property and trade secrets that allows the company to quickly respond customer’s needs.

The Pure Energy Centre supply solutions around the world with customers in South Africa, South America, Asia and Europe. For more information about Pure Energy® Centre, visit

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