Successful Participation in Oil and Gas Trade Mission to Algeria by Pure Energy Centre

Pure Energy Centre in Algeria North Africa with Ambassador Andrew Noble
Ambassador Andrew Noble and Mr Benkaci at the UK Ambassador residence in Algiers

UK, September. 22, 2016 – Pure Energy Centre (PEC) today announces that they are successfully participating in an Energy Trade Mission to Algeria. The company is presenting their latest novel compressed natural gas compressors and their nitrogen and oxygen systems.

The PEC is one of 11 companies participating in the Scottish Energy Trade Mission that is travelling to Algeria between the 17 to 21 September 2016.

The Pure Energy Centre, experts in oil and gas engineering solutions for upstream and downstream applications have been investigating the different areas of business interest for their wide range of products in North Africa.

The PEC concluded that Algeria was a major player within the region and at global level. They therefore decided to participate in the mission led by Dr. Hadi Fawzi from the Scottish Development International (SDI) unit.

During their visit, they focused on four main areas. These are the supply of nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2) and hydrogen (H2) solutions as well as knowledge and technology transfer.

The PEC presented their Unique Selling Point in nitrogen and oxygen solutions. This consists of producing, compressing and storing each of the nitrogen and oxygen gases right at the point of use, whether it is a rig, an oil terminal or other. 

The proposed solution reduces the need for importing N2, O2 or H2 gases saving in transport costs. It also reduces the need to obtain difficult transport authorisations.

In Algeria, the PEC met with Sonatrach, the global Oil and Gas company representatives at their Head Quarters. They held close discussions with different Directors and Head of Units including Malek-Salim Benabdallah, Sonatrach’s Director Of International and Institutional Relations.

They also met with representatives from other companies such as Repsol, Groupement Gara Tisselit and many other players within the Algerian market.

The PEC discussed that it has formally started a presence in Algeria by launching an initial satellite in Algiers and training a team of 6 technicians on their hardware. The team is now lead by Mr. Benkaci, the PEC’s local representative.

Of high interest was the meeting and reception hosted by HMA Andrew Noble, British Ambassador to Algeria.  Ambassador Andrew Noble said ‘This is the largest SDI delegation we hosted in Algeria. I believe all the companies that have participated in this trade mission have something to offer to upstream and downstream oil and gas firms.’

He added ‘It was good to see Pure Energy Centre on the mission. Their nitrogen and oxygen solutions could solve a number of issues faced by operators and EPCs in Algeria. I noticed that there was a very strong interest in their offering and I am hopeful that there will be further discussions with the Algerian based companies. I wish all of the UK and Algerian companies the best in developing long lasting relationships. I and my team at the Department for International Trade at the British Embassy in Algiers stand ready to assist in whatever way we can”.

Mr. Benkaci of Pure Energy Centre said ‘the discussions held at the Ambassador residence with the different Algerian players were of high quality. It is these kinds of meetings that the Pure Energy Centre were looking for. SDI and the British Embassy representatives made a real good job in organising the reception.’

He added ‘We have also met many players that operate within the renewable sector, which form the basis of one of the PEC’s strong offering’.

The Pure Energy® Centre is continuing to develop its oil and gas upstream and downstream solutions based on what the local market is needed. The PEC is looking forward to further discussions with Algerian players and to develop long lasting relationships as well as potential for local transfer of knowledge and technology.

Further editorial information About Pure Energy Centre:

Pure Energy Centre is redefining the oil and gas market with its adaptive CNG, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen platform that can be used at the rig site. The platform consists of generators, compressors, storage systems, HSE, amongst many others.

Pure Energy® Centre USP in nitrogen and oxygen solutions is the production, compression and storage of these gases at the point of use. This reduces the need for importing the gases. It also reduces the need to obtain difficult transport authorisations.

At the heart of the Pure Energy Centre oil and gas platform of products is a large portfolio of intellectual property and trade secrets that allows the company to quickly respond customer’s needs.

The Pure Energy Centre supply solutions around the world with customers in South Africa, South America, Asia and Europe. For more information about Pure Energy Centre, visit

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