Training Guarantee



Training guarantee - fuel cell training course attendees

The Pure Energy Centre are world leading experts in Renewable energy technologies and Hydrogen and have developed a unique knowledge transfer programme for your benefit. This programme is backed up with a full training guarantee.

Our Training Guarantee:

1- Unique training course design. The Pure Energy Centre (PEC) training course is uniquely designed to fill the gap in the lack of public knowledge on renewable, hydrogen technologies and other gases such as Nitrogen.

2- We teach you everything you need to know. The PEC experts in renewable, hydrogen, nitrogen, CNG and oxygen technologies teach you everything you need to know to start understanding the key technological factors for the success of your business.

3- We show you the hardware. We will show you some of the hardware that constitutes a renewable or hydrogen system. Our team of dynamic experts will also explain what works and what does not work!

4- We explain you all about the financials. We will use our team’s strong business acumen to teach you how you can make money from renewable and hydrogen, oxygen as well as CNG and if you want we can discuss nitrogen too!

5- We tell you all you need to know about safety. Our highly trained engineers will use their practical skills and expertise to tell you how to safely handle hydrogen. This is unique in itself within the industry.


Training guarantee – Here is what to do

Take action now. We will provide you with a lot more information when you come to our training course.


Here is what one of the attendees, Ian Mackenzie from Lews Castle College, said:


Hydrogen technologies training course  attentee Ian_Mackenzie“What we have learned over the last four days proves that the determination and dedication of those involved in PURE can turn vision into reality”


Ian Mackenzie, Head of Lews Castle College


The above is an indication of our Training Guarantee as witnessed by an attendee.