Welcome to the North Sea Region project ZEM port NS Project

Pure Energy® Centre (PEC) have developed a mobile hydrogen refuelling station to be used for training purposes as part of the international North Sea Region project ZEM port NS project

Pure Energy Centre

Access training modules to develop skill, knowledge and understanding of Hydrogen technology and gain operational understanding of the mobile hydrogen refuelling station.

The refuelling station developed by PEC allows participants to gain hands on field experience to enable the safe use of hydrogen equipment.

The Pure Energy Centre has constructed all the main components of the mobile refuelling station and is currently putting it through a variety of safety and performance tests to ensure safe and efficient operation. It is planned for the mobile refuelling station to be put into operation in March 2023.

Capable of producing 99.999% Pure Hydrogen® up to 900 bar and storing it in a specialist storage system capable of dispensing into end user applications at pressures up to 700 bar.

Has a compact footprint and is integrated within a standard 10’ ISO shipping container.

Requires only electricity and a water source.

The complete system is fully autonomous and can be remotely monitored.

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Module 1

Understanding Hydrogen Energy

Takes participants through the importance of hydrogen as an energy vector and its potential when combined with renewables energy to facilitate the decarbonisation of ports and harbours in the North Sea region.

Module 2

Methods to Produce Hydrogen

Introduces how to produce Hydrogen from both conventional methods from fossil fuels and electrolysis from clean energy sources.

Module 3

Methods to Store and Transport Hydrogen Gas

Presents how to safely store and transport hydrogen.

Module 4

Application of Hydrogen

Takes the participants through the application of fuel cells.

Module 5

Hydrogen Safety

Takes participants through all aspects of safety for hydrogen systems.