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Hydrogen Fuelling Station

Installing hydrogen fuelling stations since 2005

To discuss our products and your requirements, please reach out to us and a member of Pure Energy Centre will be in touch

The Pure Energy Centre is committed to the design and development of high pressure 350 and 700 bar safe hydrogen filling stations and dispensers.

Our filling stations are purposely built and customised to your bespoke requirements all with the latest innovations in safety and operation. All our design and manufacture provides the standard functionality of a gasoline dispenser

If you have a fleet of vehicles, buses, forklifts, tractors, motorbikes or you have a hydrogen internal combustion engine converted vehicle, a hydrogen filling station (also called a Hydrogen Dispense) is your next step towards producing zero emissions.

The aim is to be able to fill vehicles with hydrogen fuel safely. The objective is also to fill a vehicle in less than 5 or 10 minutes. The lower the hydrogen filling time (meaning fast filling), the more expensive is the hydrogen fuel station(s).

Specification and Pricing


Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles stations can. be as bespoke or basic as you require with prices ranging from £50,000 - £120,000. Note that this is only the price for the dispenser – that is the device that dispenses the hydrogen into the vehicles. This price does not include the hydrogen production system (i.e, electrolyzser), the storage system, the compression, and the cooling.

Quality Assurance

There are many standards available and deviating from the one the manufacturer is used to offer can lead to more costs. The Pure Energy Centre offers many different types of standard options.

Installation, Supply & Management

Do you want your hydrogen pump station packaged for easy installation or you prefer to have a local integration? Nowadays most people prefer to buy stations that are easy to install and therefore choose to buy a containerised solution that we call at the Pure Energy Centre the Hypod.

Maintenance & Monitoring

5 year maintenance contracts available are available. Pure Energy Centre also offer remote monitoring, allowing us to support customers and clients worldwide.


Types of Hyrdogen Fuelling Stations

The Pure Energy Centre (PEC) is a hydrogen dispenser manufacturer.

We offer dual hose, single hose and hybrid solutions. It’s important to note that a dispenser also requires other element to function correctly: compressor, valves, electronic computer and cooling system. 

Slow Filling

350 Bar 

Great for individual vehicles. The simplest way is to get a compressor connected to a hydrogen filling hose. A hydrogen hose must be flexible.

Fast Filling

700 Bar 

If you have a fleet of vehicles, then it is best to have a 700 bar fast filling solution. Usually, this is three sets of hydrogen storage tanks that are separated by a complex valve system. 

Our hydrogen station specifications:

Fill Pressures

Operating Temp


Electrical Supply


-40ºC to +5OºC

+/- 1%

120/240 VAC, 50/60Hz