Elizabeth Johnson MBE Businesswoman Honoured for her work in renewables

Elizabeth Johnson MBE and Prince Charles

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The Pure Energy Centre is delighted to announce that Elizabeth Johnson has been honoured and made an MBE (Member of the British Empire). Elizabeth was informed of her honour when she was abroad in Greece. She was on a business trip related to renewable and hydrogen technologies.

Elizabeth was made an MBE for her achievements and support to the renewable industry and her charity fundraising work. She is one of only two Shetlanders who have been awarded with such honour.

Mrs. Johnson is an Unst born businesswoman, mother of four and renewable passionate.  She said about her honour: ‘I am just like everyone else, an ordinary person from a community, living on an island and trying to do my job to the best of my abilities and knowledge. I was positively shocked and could not believe it. When my husband Ivor called, I told him it is a joke. But he insisted and then it sunk in’.

Elizabeth who is the business development manager for the Pure Energy Centre added she did not expect to be honoured.

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Dr. Ross Gazey, Director of Pure Energy Centre, said: ‘we are very pleased for Elizabeth and her family. This honour recognises how dedicated Elizabeth is and how much her peers respect her work. We, at the Pure Energy Centre are extremely delighted of this honour and we surely be celebrating it at work’.

The Pure Energy Centre is company that helps communities develop their own income generating renewable energy projects.

The company has for many years developed highly innovative hydrogen projects including hydrogen refuelling stations and hydrogen fuelled vehicles.

Elizabeth holds the responsibility for all new projects and has been a driving force for development and deployment of renewable in the UK and worldwide. Her colleagues describe her as ‘an Ambassador’ for renewable energy and green hydrogen fuel.

The centre has carried out work on hydrogen technologies across the globe, including Europe, Africa and South America and Mrs Johnson is a Director and on the board of the Scottish Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association where she provide strategic guidance to the industry.

In among the many things she has been involved in, she also co-organises the Cancer Research Relay for Life. The last event she co-organised within her 22,000 community in 2014 was one of the most successful in the UK, raising in excess of £300,000.

Elizabeth Johnson MBE honoured 2015 Pure Energy Centre
Elizabeth Johnson honoured with an MBE – Pure Energy Centre Businesswoman

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