Namrata Vijay Mhaddolkar Electrical Systems Design Engineer in oil and gas

Namrata Vijay Mhaddolkar hydrogen traning pure energy centreNamrata Vijay Mhaddolkar an experienced Electrical Systems Design Engineer for the oil and gas industry. She has work in this field for 3.5 years in India. She has a Bachelor in Electrical Engineering.

Currently, Namrata is a student in M. Eng. Energy and Environmental Management in Developing Countries, at the Europa-Universität Flensburg, Germany.

Namrata is motivated to work in the field of Municipal Solid Waste Management. Most of her courses in her Master’s study were directed towards this field and she has developed a strong knowledge in this field. She has also produced a master’s thesis is in the field of energy generated from organic municipal solid waste for a city in India.

During her M.Eng Study, Namrata took the opportunity to undertake a Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Training Course at the Pure Energy Centre in Unst, Shetland in February 2019.

Namrata said, “With hydrogen technologies gaining momentum, the possibility of combining hydrogen production and waste to energy, is emerging to be a viable option for transport and stationary applications.”

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Namrata Vijay Mhaddolkar hydrogen technologies india

At the Pure Energy Centre, Namrata Vijay Mhaddolkar participated in a training course on hydrogen technologies.

Following the training course, Namrata applied the knowledge she acquired to co-author a pre-feasibility study on renewable heating and hydrogen energy storage solution.

Mrs Namrata did work on how a hydrogen economy on an island setup could be financially viable. She is now looking to apply this knowledge in India and other Asian countries.

Namrata was enquiring about a number of hydrogen systems and her participation was really intelligent during the training course. Her questions were central to acquire new knowledge showing a great understanding of the different needs for energy storage technologies. But she also focused on how electrical engineering was central to the development of the hydrogen economy at the global level.

She has shown a good ability to learn new concepts, understand the micro and macro questions too.

At the Pure Energy Centre, we are proud to have had Mr. Namrata Vijay Mhaddolkar from India onboard.

We have transferred knowledge about hydrogen storage, hydrogen production, hydrogen stations, and renewable technologies as well as some strategies as to how to apply these in the real world.

We hope that Namrata will be able to apply hydrogen technologies in her India home country and develop hydrogen Asia as well as renewable hydrogen projects in other parts of the world.