Kathia Rocha Expert in Project Management

Kathia Rocha visiting Hydrogen oxygen Pure Energy Centre

Kathia Rocha is an Industrial Engineer Born in a Bolivia in South America.

I have a Master in project management and currently, I’m carrying out a Master in Energy and Environmental Management at the Europa University of Flensburg.

In my previous professional life, I worked in modernization projects at the biggest Bolivia refinery.

And, I have also worked in the construction of hydropower plants.

I am a passionate individual when it comes to the environment and that since my childhood. I like to develop compromises in favor of the environment and the world wellness by working in different projects including my previous scout life.

Today, I decided to help the environment and want to devote time and efforts towards the development of my country through my profession.

That is why I specialized in renewable energies and environmental development with the aim of contributing to development in a responsible manner around the world.

I have the objective of contributing to the implementation of renewable energies in developing countries. I would like to support the deployment of sustainable energy and increase the access to energy of the remote and deprived areas.

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Pure Energy Centre note on Kathia Rocha

Kathia Rocha visiting Hydrogen training at Pure Energy Centre

At the Pure Energy Centre, Kathia Rocha participated in a training course on hydrogen technologies.

Following the training course, Kathia used the knowledge she acquired to co-author a pre-feasibility study for renewable hydrogen energy storage.

Mrs Rocha did work on how a hydrogen economy on an island setup could become a reality.

Kathia was highly active in her participation in the training course. Her questions were highly focused showing a great understanding of the different requirements for renewable and energy storage technologies.

She has shown a good ability to learn new concepts.

At the Pure Energy Centre, we are proud to have had Mr. Kathia Rocha from Bolivia onboard.

We have transferred knowledge about hydrogen storage, hydrogen production, hydrogen stations, and renewable technologies as well as some strategies as to how to apply these in the real world.

We hope that Kathia will be able to apply hydrogen technologies in her home country and develop hydrogen Central America as well as renewable hydrogen projects in other part of the world.